Confessions of Teachers: Why I Love Teaching Preschool

Posted On May 14,2018

Confessions of Teachers: Why I Love Teaching Preschool

We are going to let you in on a little secret; preschool teachers love their jobs. And why wouldn’t they? Teachers are some of the most important professionals in the world. Sure, it’s rewarding.

And, yes, they shape the minds of the future. But what are the not-so-well-known reasons preschool teachers choose to spend their days with three, four, and five year olds? Keep reading for the little-known highlights of teaching preschool.

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Kids Love To Learn

This could be the coolest part about teaching preschool. When children are young and starting to learn, they are willing participants in the education process with you. They want to learn about the world just as badly as you want to teach them. Children at that age aren’t cynical or defensive about learning new things. Unfortunately, this often changes with age.

You Learn Something, Too

Another rewarding aspect of being an early childhood education teacher is how much they can tell us about ourselves, without even knowing it. Their reactions help teachers self-assess to become a better teacher, and think about how to improve. Plus, most teachers spend time outside of the classroom research and learning new techniques to incorporate in to lesson plans.

Every Day Brings Something New

If you think having a child in the early childhood age range brought new experiences every day, just wait until you have a whole classroom of them, Every day will bring about a new development, new challenges and something funny to laugh at. Curious kids are hilarious. You never know what will come out of their mouths. Preschool teachers embrace the unexpected parts of life, and celebrate it.

Experience Things For the First Time

Early childhood education teachers often get to experience groundbreaking moments with their students. You may be the first person to see a student tie his shoe, or you may be there when a young one finally learns to write her name correctly. Happy moments like this give you fuel to charge ahead on even the most challenging days.

Job Security

Teachers typically don’t have to worry too much about job security. Teachers are always needed. Some school districts even find it hard to fill open positions they have. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in early childhood education is right in line with the national average of 7%,.

Make A Difference

Teaching in tough, but it is worth if when you see the influence you make on students’ lives. Teachers often share stories about students who come back to thank them after several years away. It will amaze you to see how quickly they grow into adults and start making their own way in the world. And when they do, they will remember you, and thank you for setting them up for success. You’ll touch innumerable lives through your time in the classroom.

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