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Administration and Faculty



Tony Restivo, J.D.
419-472-1150 ext 7229

Suzanne Smith, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education
419-472-1150 Ext. 7226

Kristina Schuster
419-472-1150 ext 7245

Dawn Belzung
Student Operations Manager
419-472-1150 ext. 7223

Nicole Hopkins
Marketing Manager

Denise Bronowski
Academic Operational Manager
419-472-1150 ext. 7230

Therese Nwokolo, MA, CMA, CPT
Allied Health Program Director
419-472-1150 ext. 7243

Pamela O’Connell-Parsons
Early Childhood Education Program Director
419-472-1150 x 7246

Emily Byron
Early Childhood Education Assistant Program Director
419-472-1150 ext 7234

David Spencer
Director, Data Analytics, Physical Plant and Security Operations Manager
419-472-1150 ext 7232

Elizabeth Lennon
Financial Aid Manager
419-472-1150 ext 7236

Courtney Slepko
Financial Aid Representative
419-472-1150 ext 7228

Jocelyn Burke
Senior Admissions Representative
419-472-1150 ext 7222

Sarah Boyer
Admissions Representative
419-472-1150  ext 7240

Adrianne Kolasinski
Admissions Representative
419-472-1150 ext 7240

Victoria Penamon
Admissions Representative
419-472-1150 ext 7323

Michelle Moser
Compliance Manager, Title IX Coordinator
419-472-1150 ext 7242

Carrie Punches
SIM Coordinator/Scheduler

Melanie Whitaker
ATI Coordinator

Nicole Thomas
Administrative Assistant
419-472-1150 ext 7227

Ivy Tankersley

Nursing Faculty

Suzanne Smith, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education
419-472-1150 Ext. 7226

Rachel Beidelschies, BSN, RN

Marcia Chamberlain, ADN, RN

Nichole Coombs, ADN, RN

Lorie Cupp, BS, RN, CCM

Debra Downey, BSN, RN

Christine Ernest, MSN, RN

Wendy Gardner, ADN, RN

Laura Geiser, ADN, RN

Toni Jackson, BSN, RN

Susan Johnston, ADN, RN

Jaime Knapp, ADN, RN

Kim Laroy, BSN, RN

Lynn Launder, ADN, RN

Pamela Maddux, BSN, RN

Dyana Newton, ADN, RN

Carrie Punches, MSN, RN

Robin Ramm, ADN, RN

Tricia Rhodes, MSN, RN

Stacy Richard, BSN, RN

Connie Sanford, ADN, RN

Amanda Seabolt, MSN, RN

Liz Stafford, MSN, RN

Shannon Suter, BSN, RN

Nancy Strayer, ADN, RN

Joy Taylor, ADN, RN

LaToya Thomas, BSN, RN

Katina Washington, MSN, RN

Christel West, MSN, RN

Natasha West, BSN, RN 

Melanie Whitaker, ADN, RN

Tameshia Wiggins, MSN, RN

Lakisha Woodmore, ADN, RN

Jennifer Wilkens, MSN, RN

General Ed Faculty

Abeer El-Gharbawy

Christine Krishnan

Samantha Loper

Peter Opfermann, BS

Farida Sidiq

Unique West, MSIS


Allied Health Faculty

Therese Nwokolo, MA, CMA, CPT
Allied Health Director
419-472-1150 ext. 7243

Shirley Snipes, CCMA

Heather Steenrod, LPN, CET

Victoria Miller, BS


Early Childhood Education Faculty

Pamela Parsons
Early Childhood Education Program Director

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