Administration and Faculty


Tony Restivo, J.D.
419-472-1150 ext 7229

Nicole Hopkins
Marketing Manager

Nursing Faculty

Dr. Donna Stevens DNP, MSN, BSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education

Dr. Latonya Parker DHEd, MSN, RN
Lead Clinical Coordinator

Brandi Breseman
Lead Curriculum Coordinator

Haley Amos BSN, RN

Melony Auler ADN, RN

Rebecca Bare-Rothenberger BSN, RN

Lara Bartel, BSN, RN

Tristan Burt, ADN, RN

Marcia Chamberlain, BSN, RN

Lorie Cupp, BSN, RN, CCM

Linda Davis ADN, RN

Brad Forup ADN, RN

Connie Forup BSN, RN

Jason Grunden MSN, RN

Jennifer Hayes ADN, RN

Lynn Launder, ADN, RN

Elizabeth Livecchi ADN, RN

Pamela Maddux, BSN, RN

Sandra Meredith ADN, RN

Haley Miller BSN, RN

Carrie Reif ADN, RN

Katie Schofield BSN, RN

Holly Steider MSN, RN

Christel West, MSN, RN

Melanie Whitaker, ADN, RN


Allied Health Faculty

Therese Nwokolo, MA, CMA, CPT
Allied Health Director
419-472-1150 ext. 7243

Shirley Snipes, CCMA, BS

Victoria Miller, BS

Kharisma Ewing, BA

Early Childhood Education Faculty

Pamela Parsons
Early Childhood Education Program Director

Unique West, MSIS