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Financial Aid

  • Return of Title IV Financial Aid Funds
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act  The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) afford students certain rights with respect to their education records. A copy of the FERPA policy is located in the student handbook. Students are also provided an annual notice each year. Paper copies of Athena Career Academy’s FERPA policy are available upon request from the financial aid department.
  • National Student Loan Database System-The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED’s) central database for student aid. NSLDS receives data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Direct Loan program, and other Department of ED programs. NSLDS Student Access provides a centralized, integrated view of Title IV loans and grants so that recipients of Title IV Aid can access and inquire about their Title IV loans and/or grant data. Log on to to view your federal loans, grants, and aid overpayments, current enrollment, or let NSLDS know about future enrollment.  View the status of your loans that are subject to subsidized usage limits. View or add your contact information. Authorize a loan servicer to view your information on the NSLDS Professional Access site. Find definitions of the terms used on this site. View answers to common questions about this website and your financial aid.


Student Activities
Athena Career Academy affords students opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities of their choosing. The Student Advisory group meets on a monthly basis and serves as a leadership panel, or student council, for the current student body. A student mentorship program has been implemented to provide support and encouragement to students who may request additional support academically or personally. In addition, Athena Career Academy hosts a quarterly graduation ceremony for the senior class.

Career & Placement Services
The Career Services department exists to provide employment placement, training and professional development opportunities to both students and alumni. These services are offered privately as well as in groups and workshops.  Examples of activities hosted by the career services department includes but is not limited to: employer interview days, guest speakers, networking opportunities such as career fairs, mock interviews and resume writing and review. Successful graduates benefit from a lifelong opportunity of returning to Athena Career Academy for continued professional development and employment placement services. At no time are employment opportunities or salary information guaranteed.