I originally started at Athena doing the Phlebotomy program. Unfortunately due to the pandemic I wasn’t about to get an externship. I decided to come back to Athena to do the Medical Assistant Program. It was the best decision I ever made. I graduated May 2021, went right into my externship and passed my Registered Medical Assistant test in June 2021! Since obtaining my RMA I have had nothing but blessings as far as a job! I recommend this program to anyone. Being a single mother of 3 Athena helped me become very successful in my career! I can’t thank Athena and all the amazing teachers enough.

Ronnie Phillips

I am in The Early Childhood Education program at Athena and this is my third quarter and words cannot explain how much I love attending this place. It is one of the best colleges I have attended thus far I would recommend anyone. I mean I love my instructors that I have had so far they are nice and caring and really do care about their students succeeding. I am going to miss them when I graduate.

Shaniqua E.

Best school ever for nurses with some type of clinical experience. Everyone from the front desk to administration had a vested interest in my education. I will never forget the support I received during times of crisis. I will forever be indebted to and a proud alumni of Athena Career Academy.

Horace W.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me as a nursing student. From grade school, to 2 years of college, and now being at Athena I have never felt so good about my education. That is thanks to you and your amazing staff! This troubling time has put a lot of people’s goals/plans on hold, not mine. Thank you and the staff for working so diligently to get classes online on the roll. The hard work you all do is so appreciated. Thank you again.

Madison Fisher SPN

Please accept my well wishes, I am so excited and so incredibly grateful to you guys. I passed my NCLEX but this is not something that I did on my own. I was most certainly sure I had failed because the computer shut off at 85 questions and I knew I must have done something wrong. But today I got an email saying that I had in fact passed and I could only think of how much effort and devotion you guys put into making me pass my boards. I promise I will work as hard as I can to be a good nurse that you guys will be proud to have had as a student. I have gotten a job offer and I hope I am well prepared I will keep you guys updated on  how things go. Thank you so much for all of your help I really don’t have words to describe how grateful I am.

Alisa Harris

After being out of school for over two decades, deciding to go into the phlebotomy program at Athena was very scary. But once I met with my instructors and got to know the students, it was honestly one of the best decisions I have made about my education in a long time. The teachers here care and want to see you succeed, and with the smalls classes, you can’t help but do that….so thanks Athena!

Laquanna McMullen

I owe Athena Career Academy and its staff a warm thank you for giving me an opportunity and providing the tools I need to become a nurse. They provided an atmosphere filled with diversity within both the classroom and the clinical experience. I have learned so much about people and about life! Athena Career Academy has made me aware that I can always improve and should actively look for ways to improve!

Natalia Brown
Ambassador for Class 1301

I enjoyed the hands on experience I received at Athena Career Academy. The labs were awesome and instructors were knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Athena Career Academy.

Sarah Malnar
Ambassador for Class 1310

The education I received from Athena has shown me there are so many areas of nursing I can go into. I have gained the knowledge to better provide for my family and I am so proud to say that I will be a safe and effective nurse!

Rebekah Brewster
Ambassador for Class 1302E

Athena Career Academy has given me the opportunity to give myself and my family a better future. With the help of amazing instructors and awesome staff, I made it through the program! I am so proud to call myself an Athena alumni and will help spread the word about the A+ education that I received! Athena is a great place to change your life for the better!

Amanda Krueger
Ambassador for Class 1207

My decision to attend Athena Career Academy became the most valuable decision I made in 2012. The rich curriculum and experienced instructors and administrators made for an experience that couldn’t have been any better!

Ibiyemi Omole
Ambassador for Class 1301

I have a huge spot in my heart for each one of your staff that I have came in contact with, each teacher has given inspiring words along the way and deserve to be acknowledged.
Thank you for being a part of my journey and assisting in my achievement in a better future for myself and more importantly my family.

Jackie Dowen
Class 1409

Just wanted to let Athena Career Academy know that I took my Nclex on Monday. I was so nervous, I went to my car and I called my Mom because I just knew if failed. Well I look on the BON verification website and I saw my name beside it said active! I passed! Thank you guys so much for everything! Athena Career Academy is awesome!

Lacraisa Bishop

Connie is a great instructor. I love that the program is so geared toward passing the nclex & that the school does everything they can to give us the tools to be successful.

Terrah Dutton

I just want to say thanks for all you have done in preparing me for what’s going to be the beginning of a beautiful career. I appreciate you guys so very much, the goal was for me obtain what I needed to be successful in which I have thanks to the knowledge you guys shared with us. JUST KNOW YOU GUYS ARE GREAT BECAUSE IT SHOWS!

Ayanna L.

Just wanted to shoot you an email and thank you for the opportunity, pushing us and all the resources you gave to us! I can’t thank Athena enough.

Sarah H.