LPN to RN Program

Athena offers an excellent program for those who have their LPN license to learn to become a Registered Nurse, and in just one year. This career is in very high demand and provides very lucrative compensation. We have included some of the most common questions about our program.

What is an RN?

Registered Nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

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Where do Registered Nurses work?

RNs work in settings like hospitals, long term care and rehabilitation facilities, outpatient facilities, clinics, medical offices and home care.

What are the admission requirements?

Persons interested in attending the LPN to RN Program must meet the following criteria for admittance:

  1. Attend an informational meeting with an Admissions Representative.
  2. Complete an online application for admission.
  3. Attend an individual meeting with a Financial Aid Administrator for funding arrangements.
  4. Submit an official copy of your Practical Nurse Transcript.
  5. Must hold a current Ohio LPN License that is validated by our Program Director.
  6. Provide a copy of valid government identification and signed social security card.
  7. Citizenship requirements include I94 card with date of entry, current passport, and proof of alien registration number if applicable.
  8. Provide proof of American Heart Association BLS – Healthcare Provider CPR.
  9. Complete a physical that is signed and dated by a physician or qualified medical representative within one (1) year of start date.
  10. Complete and pass a drug screen within 90 days of start date.
  11. Provide immunizations records, which include:
    • A 2 step PPD within one (1) year of start date or an initial 2 step PPD with documented proof of annual one (1) step PPD. – OR – CXR within one (1) year of start date.
    • MMR (2 injections),Varicella (1 injection), Hepatitis B series/waiver, recent Tetanus, and/or Titers.
    • ALL health records MUST be completed PRIOR to enrolling.
  12. Complete a BCI and FBI criminal background check and fingerprinting within 90 days of start date. The background checks are subject to approval and/or consultation with a director.
  13. Sign an enrollment agreement.
  14. Complete an online State of Ohio Disclosure Course.
  15. Attend the orientation session.
  16. Provide proof of the current season’s flu shot.

How long does it take to complete the LPN to RN Program?

The LPN to RN Program at Athena Career Academy takes one year to complete with day classes and 16 months with evening classes.

Will I be licensed at the conclusion of the program?

Because of the high level of patient responsibility, nursing is highly regulated, requiring both education and a license. Graduates must complete a state approved registered nursing program and pass the National NCLEX Nursing Board Exam. The Board of Nursing regulates nursing education programs in Ohio that prepare students for initial licensure as an RN. Athena Career Academy has been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing for our program.

What types of courses are taught in the program?

Course work in the LPN to RN program includes general education classes such as Nutrition, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Intro to Chemistry, Basic Composition, College Math and College Algebra, Humanities, Intro to Psychology and Cultural Diversity Awareness. Nursing Classes include Transition Classes, Psychiatric Nursing, Adult Nursing, Family Nursing, Pharmacology, Wellness and Preventative Care, Community Nursing, and Advanced Nursing Care.

What is included in the program?

The LPN to RN Program is an all-inclusive program that includes:

  • Classroom Training
  • Clinical Practicum
  • Books & Materials
  • Lab Fees & Supplies
  • Uniform
  • State Board of Nursing Test Fee
  • Simulation Lab Training

How much are RNs compensated?

According to the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Registered Nurse can expect to earn $30.19 on average.

Where can I take my classes?

The LPN to RN Program is offered at our campus, 5203 Airport Highway, Toledo, Ohio.

Athena Career Academy LPN to RN Program Cost

Pre-Registration Costs
 Drug Screen (paid to school)  $25.00
Program Costs
Registration Fee $120.00
Books, Uniforms, Supplies and Lab Fees $1,540.00
Tuition $22,300.00
Total $23,960.00
Licensure Fees (Paid to 3rd Party)*
PN-NCLEX (Ohio or Michigan) School pays for first attempt only $200.00
Records Check Prior to State Exam Student pays $85.00
Application Fee (Ohio) School pays initial fee only OR $78.50
Application Fee (Michigan) School pays initial fee only $135.00

*See Admissions Rep for details.

**Athena Alumni are able to apply for a LPN to RN Completion Grant of $1,200.00 which is completely funded by the school. Please visit our Alumni page for requirements and more information, click here.

***Athena students are able to apply for a Nursing Clinical Partnership Grant of $1,200.00 which is completely funded by the school. Click here for more information, click here.