Helpful Tips for Practical Nurses in Night Classes

Posted On September 13,2016

The college experience is not limited to those who want to make education a full-time pursuit. Many people choose to work full time while taking night classes. Benefits of night classes include a better income and less debt for graduates. Many people choose night classes in order to advance or change careers, allowing them to work full-time day jobs while still advancing their education. Nurses and nursing students are popular examples of those attending night school. While often a great career and economic choice, night classes can a little different than typical daytime study. Here are some of our favorite survival tips for nurses taking night classes.

Don’t forget the food.

Practial nurses are often looking for answers on help with night classes. Take a look at these helpful tips that Athena Career Academy in Toledo provides.Night classes will often make you skip dinner. If you’re too hungry, you won’t be likely to absorb much information. Trying eating a healthy lunch later in the afternoon to keep your energy moving throughout the evening. Try to time the meal in advance so you don’t eat a heavy meal just minutes before class and become sluggish. Avoid a blood sugar drop later on by bringing snacks like trail mix or string cheese.

Use caffeine carefully.

We wouldn’t say to avoid coffee, but we do advise you to be conscious of how much caffeine you are drinking. Nurses and medical professionals often consume coffee to combat the extended hours common in the profession, but maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is important too. Limit caffeine during evening classes to balance staying awake for lecture and sleeping well at night.

Become a planner.

Balancing daytime work, family, and night classes can get confusing. While most nursing students have strong organizational skills to start with, it’s time to kick it up a notch for school. Keep copies of syllabi close at hand as well as a calendar and notebook or notetaking app. Tracking your schedule at home and away becomes increasingly important, but fortunately great attention to detail will only help you in your future as a nurse.

Remember to communicate.

If things seem stressful to you, they are probably stressful for your family and coworkers too. Keep the lines of communication open so people understand why you need extra time for a big nurse’s exam. Make the most of your time off also. Coordinate fun outings or plan events during school breaks and weekends. Most important of all, remember to ask if you need help. Family members can help step up to cook a meal or run an errand. Fellow nurses or students may be available to study with and listen to your concerns.

Start Your Journey Now

Whatever your path to becoming a nurse, night school offers the opportunity to advance your career without giving up your income. Find a balance between home, life, and work that fits your style and go with it. For more information on night school and careers in nursing, contact Athena Career Academy.

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