ECE Teachers Can Grow In Their Career

Posted On February 4,2019

ECE Teachers Can Grow In Their CareerA degree in early childhood education (ECE) can be a powerful tool in the current job market. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 116,000 new jobs are expected to open up over the coming decade for kindergarten and early elementary teachers.

More than 50,000 jobs will be available for preschool teachers. You could be the perfect candidate to fill these positions. This is especially true if you are already armed with an ECE degree.

Career Possibilities

Career possibilities abound once you have your early childhood education degree. With such a large demand for professionals qualified to help young children achieve their potential, you can take your pick among these jobs. There is sure to be something that appeals to you and fulfills your desire to help little ones achieve.

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An ECE qualifies you to work is settings such as:

Daycare Centers

Job duties include directly caring for children, organizing activities, and preparing meals/snacks. You are also tasked with maintaining schedules and/or routines to ensure the center operates smoothly.


Preschool teachers lay the foundation for a child’s educational future. They teach early concepts of all school subjects, not just ABCs and 123s. Positions are available in public and private schools or organizations.

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Kindergartens/Elementary Schools

Trained teaching assistants are needed in many public and private schools. They help the lead teacher in classroom organization and preparation, and may work with small groups or individual students who need additional help with classroom work.

Special Education

ECE graduates who go on to specialize in teaching the gifted, disabled, or disadvantaged students are also in high demand. These teachers are needed to give one-on-one attention and guidance to students with learning, emotional, mental and physical disabilities.

English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher

There is also a growing need for bilingual education, especially in early childhood education. Bilingual teachers and those qualified to teach English as a second language are needed to help non-native English speaking students to not only learn the language but “learn how to learn” in English so they can easily assimilate into a classroom full of their peers.

Expanded Opportunities

An ECE degree does not limit you to the classroom. Additional experience and/or education can open more doors. These expanded opportunities include:

Childcare Center Manager or Owner

Childcare center directors handle the day-to-day operations of daycare, preschool, or other childcare centers. They are responsible for everything that goes on inside and outside of the classroom. They train and oversee staff, communicate with parents, keep records, and oversee the budget.


Researchers work to understand the how’s and why’s of childhood development. They carry out studies, collect data, evaluate educational practices, and observe the development of young children. Researchers often work for government agencies, universities, and independent for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Family Support Specialist

Some families need help caring for and raising their children. This is where a family support specialist steps in. Family support specialists often work for government agencies, such as Job and Family Services or the Health Department. They evaluate a family’s situation and provide information for families by referring them to community services.

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