Am I too Old to Become a Medical Assistant?

Posted On June 11,2019


Am I too Old to Become a Medical Assistant?Careers in the healthcare industry are an attractive option for people of all ages, as they are rewarding, stable, and exciting. However, for those who are far beyond their high school years, or even college graduation days, they may be worried they are past their prime, or even foolish for thinking they can dive head first into a brand new career at their age.

For those who dream of working as a Medical Assistant but are wondering if they’re too old to sign up for an MA program, let alone get hired by an employer after completion, the answer is “You’re never too old to follow your dreams”.

In fact, some Physicians actually prefer to hire older, more mature MA’s over their younger counterparts because their life experiences allow them to be more compassionate and understanding when it comes to dealing with patients. Many patients, especially elderly, tend to respond more positively to fellow older adults, as they may feel more comfortable discussing health issues with people closer to their own age who can relate and empathize with problems and situations that occur with age.

Here are some reasons why becoming a Medical Assistant is a wise career choice at any age:

Quick start

Unlike many other careers, one positive to becoming a Medical Assistant at an older age is that the program length is relatively short in comparison, usually taking about a year to complete all of the necessary training and education requirements. Imagine being able to start a brand new career within one year of enrolling into the program?

Job Security

For many older adults, they’ve likely experienced layoffs or periods of economic hardships in the past, and don’t want to risk choosing a career that won’t be able to offer them job security or stability. Fortunately, the job outlook for Medical Assistants remains stable and optimistic, with qualified MA’s being highly in demand and making a good salary. This means even when the economy takes a dive, the industry remains largely protected from those dreaded layoffs.

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Predictable Schedule

The majority of Medical Assistants find employment in private physician offices or clinics, making it an excellent choice for those who can’t fathom trying to pull overnight shifts that are often associated with nursing jobs in hospitals or nursing homes. Working in a doctor’s office usually means a set schedule with predictable and more desirable daytime hours, often excluding weekends, evenings, and holiday shifts.

Variety of Duties

Another benefit of becoming an MA is the wide variety of available job duties. Many MA’s are trained to do both clinical and administrative duties, such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and dealing with medical billing and insurance paperwork. Taking on more of the administrative roles may be a good fit for an older Medical Assistant who might struggle to stand on their feet, or do heavy lifting and bending for several hours a day.

Rewarding Career

There are few accomplishments in life that compare to being able to say that you helped people and made a difference in their lives. Becoming a Medical Assistant can be an extremely rewarding career for multiple reasons, including boosting the self-confidence and feelings of self worth in an older worker who maybe felt misplaced or unneeded in their previous career or personal situation.

If you’re considering a brand new career, or maybe even entering the workforce for the first time, becoming a Medical Assistant might just end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Contact us today to start your new career as a Medical Assistant.

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