Rewarding Careers Without a 4 Year Degree

Posted On December 22,2022

Choosing a career path is essential, however, the journey towards achieving that career goal isn’t always straightforward. The dream of having a rewarding, successful career is still possible without attending a traditional four-year college.

Before enrolling in a school, it’s important to evaluate the full impact of your decision. Current graduates from four-year institutions face mountains of student debt and declining job prospects. Instead, attending a vocational school provides an affordable education that can prepare you for an exciting career as an early childhood educator or medical assistant.

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Benefits of Attending a Vocational School 

Vocational schools provide comprehensive training programs where you can earn a degree or certification and jump start your new career without a huge time commitment or student debt.  

Quick Start 

Attending a four-year college means expecting to spend at least four years earning a degree, in addition to prerequisites. For students who work full-time or have families, taking four or more years off to focus on school isn’t feasible. Instead, you could streamline your education by going to school for precisely what you want to do for a career so you can get in and out into the workforce faster. 

Bright Future 

The future for trades is bright. Research shows some of the fastest growing career paths lie in the technical fields. For those interested in becoming a teacher or medical assistant, the job outlook is even brighter. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates employment of preschool teachers is projected to grow by 15% from 2021 to 2031. For medical assistants, the estimated growth rate is 16%, which is a great outlook.

Higher Employment Rate 

Vocational and trade schools prepare students for the job market. Graduates are prepared to accept a job immediately upon graduation. Many vocational schools also work with employers in the industry to give students an education within their technical field. This is thanks to the vocational school’s unique training approach. Since the school trains students with real-life examples and equipment, graduates’ benefit.

Start your Journey

Hands On Training 

Traditional four-year institutions focus more on theoretical knowledge than hands-on career training. Vocational and trade schools offer relevant skills in less time. For recent high school graduates or adults switching jobs, vocational schools offer a rewarding career in two years or less, meaning graduates can start earning right away. 

Industry Experienced Instructors 

Vocational schools primarily hire instructors with industry experience who have already been in your shoes. They know what it takes to succeed in your new career and can pass down the knowledge and experience they’ve gained throughout their own career. With industry experienced instructors, you’re getting built in mentors who care about your success and future. You also have smaller classes than traditional four-year colleges, which means more one-on-one attention from instructors.

Networking with Students 

You never know who you’ll meet during lectures and while working in groups. Some of your fellow classmates will be fresh out of high school, while others have been in the workforce for years. While attending vocational school, you can learn alongside your classmates, and possibly make life-long friends that you’ll remain in touch with after your program ends who you can network with throughout your career. 

Are You Considering Going Back to School? 

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