Pediatric Medical Assistant Training and Duties

Posted On August 16,2021

Pediatric Medical Assistant

A pediatric medical assistant has a unique position in the health care industry. They are often seen as an integral part of the team and provide a valuable service to patients, their families, and staff alike. Pediatric medical assistants work directly with children on a regular basis and can assist doctors during examinations or treatments.

The following is a breakdown of the responsibilities of a pediatric medical assistant, the qualities needed to be successful, and the benefits of pursuing a career as a pediatric medical assistant.

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Job Duties of a Pediatric Medical Assistant?

The following are some of the tasks that a typical pediatric medical assistant is responsible for:

  • Preparing patients for their doctor appointment – Before the doctor comes in to see the patient, a pediatric medical assistant will record the patient’s information, including taking their vitals, blood pressure, weight, height, and more. They will also collect the patient’s medical history and ask about why they are visiting.
  • Provide more in-depth medical assistance – Pediatric medical assistants will be required to perform hands-on tasks when assisting the doctor, such as collecting and preparing patient samples for lab testing, administrating vaccinations and medications, and more.
  • Performing administrative duties – As a pediatric medical assistant, you may also be responsible for various administrative duties, such as checking in patients, collecting insurance information, organizing medical records, scheduling appointments, and answering phones.

Benefits of Being a Pediatric Medical Assistant?

The following are just some of the reasons that many people enjoy working as pediatric medical assistants:

  • The job outlook is excellent – As the world’s population grows, there will be more children in need of care every year. As such, there will always be a need for pediatric medical assistants. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are expected to grow 19 percent over the next decade, which is faster than average.
  • Becoming a pediatric medical assistant isn’t difficult – Although you’ll have to work hard, it doesn’t require decades of education and training like other jobs in the medical field. Less than a year of education and training is all you need to be on your way towards becoming a pediatric medical assistant.
  • The job is very fulfilling – Not only will you be helping patients to improve their health, but you’ll be helping children. Children can be very anxious when visiting the doctor, and being able to calm them down and make them feel safe and comfortable can be quite rewarding in itself.

Qualities Needed For The Job

If you have the following qualities, then odds are you would make an excellent pediatric medical assistant:

  • The desire to help people – If you want a job where you’ll help people, becoming a medical assistant will allow you to do just that. It’s the main purpose of the job, therefore the main source of fulfillment you’ll get from it.
  • Patience – Patience is a must, not only when you’re dealing with children (who can be rowdy or scared), but when dealing with frustrated parents as well.
  • A love for children – The job specifically deals with children, which means it helps to love being around them and interacting with them.
  • A calm and warm personality – A calm and warm personality will go a long way towards earning the trust of children and their parents, which is vital to preparing them for their visit with the doctor.

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