5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Career as a Medical Assistant: Tips and Strategies

Posted On April 6,2023

Medical assistants are essential in the healthcare field. If you’re new to the field or are considering becoming a medical assistant, you are undoubtedly ready to hit the ground running and make an excellent first impression. Before putting your new skills to the test, here are some tips and simple strategies to help you succeed as a medical assistant.

 Medical assistant caring for a patient in a doctor's office.

Arrive at Work Early 

Plan to arrive at work 10 to 15 minutes early every day. You will need this time to put your belongings away and prepare for your workday. This gives you time to review the list of patients who are scheduled and to check on the day’s supplies. It helps you avoid the feeling of having to jump into your day the minute you step in the door. By arriving early, you can start your workday feeling calm and organized.

Maintain a Positive Attitude 

Work is called “work” for a reason — it’s hard! Each day there may be tasks you don’t enjoy, changes you weren’t expecting, or problems that arise. But rather than griping or complaining, take a positive approach. Remember that handling problems is simply part of the job. Try to focus on the factors of the job that you do enjoy rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. With a positive attitude, you will find that you inspire the others around you to do the same.

Treat Others with Respect 

Medical offices and hospitals are busy places. While serving patients throughout the day, healthcare professionals can get stressed and hurried. Despite this, try to stay polite and respectful to everyone throughout the day. Showing respect to others will result in receiving their respect in return. This includes everyone you work with, from the newest employees to the senior level ones. And most of all, it includes patients, even those who may test your patience. Being respectful is a career skill that should stay with you forever.

Carry Your Weight 

As a medical assistant, you will be part of a healthcare team in a medical office or a hospital setting. Others on your team might include nurses, office staff, physicians, and other medical assistants. They are all counting on you to do your job. If you neglect your responsibilities, someone else must pick up your slack. Ensure you take your responsibilities seriously and put forth your best effort to fulfill your duties. As a team member, you should also be proactive. If you see a need that isn’t being fulfilled, figure out where you can help. This kind of approach helps make you a valuable member of your team.

Start your Journey

Be a Team Player 

When you have extra time, consider jumping in to help your coworkers with other tasks. This will help demonstrate that you are a team player who wants what’s best for the medical practice. Plus, you may learn new ways to do things that will benefit you.

Are You Ready to Get Started? 

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