5 Essential Skills Every Medical Assistant Should Have for Career Success

Posted On April 10,2023

Medical assistants benefit from developing specific technical and interpersonal skills. If you are considering becoming a medical assistant (MA), it is essential to list particular skills on your resume. Employers often only glance at each resume for a few seconds, so including the most sought-after skills in your field gives you a better chance at getting an interview and, hopefully, your first job as an MA.

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What Are Medical Assistant Resume Skills?

Medical assistant resume skills are the most in-demand skills for medical assistants that you’ll want to include on your resume. Employers are looking for specific keywords when they scan a resume, so including these skills can give you a better chance of getting invited for an interview. Medical assistant tasks are often both clerical and administrative, so the skills you should list on your resume will relate to one of these two categories. 

Below are nine beneficial skills you should try to add to your medical assistant resume. If any of these skills apply to you, include them before applying to your next job. It can also help to develop any of these skills if you haven’t done so already.

Administrative Skills

During a typical day as a medical assistant, you may answer phones, schedule appointments, or greet patients. Employers are looking for experienced medical assistants who can easily handle these daily administrative tasks. 

The most effective way of describing your administrative skills is likely through your experience section. If you have a job where you’ve done this type of work before, even if the job is unrelated, you can list your exact job responsibilities within that position. For example, if you previously worked as a receptionist, mention it on your resume and explain how you efficiently used office software to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments for visitors. 


Medical assistants are required to have strong written and verbal communication skills. You should feel comfortable talking with patients, explaining essential concepts clearly, and providing them with detailed written notes. 

Some daily tasks as a medical assistant that require communication skills may include answering the phones, responding to emails, and working with patients and coworkers.

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Time Management

A successful medical assistant can comfortably manage their time and their employer’s time. Medical assistants also have a wide range of clerical tasks they must perform daily, making it especially important to manage your time well. Employers want to see that you can complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time and keep things in the workplace running smoothly. 

Organization and Cleanliness 

Sterile equipment is a necessity in the healthcare industry. All medical assistants should know how to keep equipment sanitary and maintain strong best practices. Sterile equipment is vital for patient health; every employer takes it seriously.

Attention to Detail

Record-keeping is a big part of being a medical assistant and is vital for keeping patients healthy. To keep accurate records, an excellent medical assistant will have strong attention to detail. If you have experience maintaining records elsewhere, not necessarily in the healthcare field, still list this as a skill on your resume. 

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