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Posted On August 21,2018



Completing the requirements for a full-time nursing school curriculum and obtaining that diploma is a somewhat daunting task in itself. Even harder is working full-time to support oneself while also trying to meet the requirements of a nursing school curriculum. In fact, the latter task can be as – or more! – challenging than the first.

Students who opt for the latter strategy generally end up taking a little more time before obtaining their degree but they are also significantly less hobbled by debt when they are through with their studies. Here are some other pertinent insights and benefits about working while studying for a nursing degree:

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Using Your Knowledge

Depending on the specific job that a nursing student obtains, they can earn a paycheck! Just a few examples that will add to resume are working as an emergency medical technician (EMT), a monitor technician or a home health aide. These jobs are by no means equivalent to each other but the experience gained in them can often be used to offset some of the curriculum requirements of a nursing program.

Immediate Applicable Benefits

It is one thing to learn something in the classroom and another to have to actually practice it in the field. Nowhere is this fact more evident than when it comes to tending to an injured or sick patient. In a real situation, a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare practitioner must make split-second decisions about how best to help a patient that they have just encountered. It is a daunting task and one that can only be allayed by experience.

Working Can Lead to Important Contacts

It may seem easy to just take a job as a cashier or waitress but it does not add to your resume. Instead, consider becoming an emergency medical technician or a nursing assistant where you will meet any number of doctors who can put in a good word for you in the future. In many cases, it adds a leg up over another candidate the hiring manager doesn’t know.

Develops a Strong Work Ethic

Without a doubt, working while studying is difficult. Still, if you can make it through those first few months, you will understand the value of hard work. You’ll be comfortable with the duties of the profession and learn knowledge from those around you in the healthcare field.

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