Why Medical Assistants are so Important to Patients

Posted On November 17,2020

When considering a new career, becoming a medical assistant is a smart choice in today’s world. Medical assistants are in high demand and very important to patients. Becoming a medical assistant will set you on the track to be a valued member of the healthcare system. Medical assistants are crucial to doctors, nurses, and patients, and becoming a medical assistant is something that is well within reach.

Medical team including a nurse, doctor, and medical assistant standing together.

What is the Role of a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants are used in most medical facilities. A medical assistant can help in holding the entirety of the process together. A medical assistant is a liaison between patients, physicians, nurses, insurance companies, and specialists. A medical assistant has the right training to take on this diverse role. You will be coordinating the process and serving as the point of contact between the patients and the staff.

Medical Assistants are Often the First Point of Patient Contact

Very rarely is the doctor the first person to make contact with patients. A medical assistant is usually the first person to see the patient. Doctors and other medical professionals rely on their medical assistants to be welcoming and efficient and set the patients at ease. Medical assistants will also document vitals and update the chart so the doctor has the most current information when they greet the patient themselves.

Medical Assistants Have a lot of Responsibilities

As a medical assistant, you will have varied responsibilities. Most medical assistants will have a mix of clinical work with patients as well as administrative work, keeping their workday interesting and their presence essential to a medical facility. A medical assistant may prep exam rooms, assist the medical staff with exams and procedures, speak with patients about their care, and help the administrative and billing staff with paperwork and data entry.

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Developing Essential Skills

Becoming a medical assistant means developing essential skills. Medical assistants need to know how to perform under pressure, manage their time, and switch tasks as needed. Becoming a medical assistant means developing skills in:

  • Communication: Both verbal and written communication are key. You will often be the one interpreting the physician’s diagnosis and instructions for the patient, who may be overwhelmed and confused. You need to be able to communicate needs and directions. In addition, you will probably be called upon to assist on updating patient charts, and strong written communication is vital for this skill.
  • Multitasking: Medical assistants are often found juggling many different responsibilities. You may need to prioritize and adjust as the day progresses. You may find yourself balancing two – or more – tasks at once. A good medical assistant is flexible and great at multitasking.
  • Teamwork: You will work with administrative staff, nurses, and doctors, as well as other professionals in the medical field. A medical assistant must be a good team player.
  • Details: A discrepancy in the details is a big deal in the medical field. Becoming a medical assistant means honing your skills in paying attention to the details. A good medical assistant has a sharp eye for details and is a great listener.
  • Personality: Part of your job is to remain calm and collected with a staff that may be harried and patients that may be nervous. Becoming a medical assistant means looking at your personality to see if you can be the calming influence in a medical office.
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