Why is Technology Important in Early Childhood Education?

Posted On April 27,2020

Young children in a classroom on computers.

When it comes to the role of technology in the early childhood education years, it can be a bit of a controversial topic. While some people may think that young children don’t need technology, it can actually play a positive role in a child’s learning and development. Plus, in today’s technology heavy world, learning how to use it is a necessary life skill. It’s not only the students who benefit with the use of technology though. It also provides early childhood educators with unlimited access to newer, more innovative teaching methods that allow them to facilitate an active learning environment for their young students.

Supports Social and Emotional Development

Using touchscreen devices are the easiest for preschool age children, as their fine motor skills are still developing. When touchscreen devices are used in the correct way, they can actually encourage children to work together and improve their social skills by taking turns and sharing ideas as they complete online activities side by side and view educational content.

Encourages Students to Follow Multi-Step Directions

It’s not always an easy task to teach young children to listen and recall when it comes to following directions, but using digital devices in the classroom, such as tablets, computers, and smart boards, all require children to follow multi-step directions. Examples of this are turning the device on, swiping to the left or right, and selecting items on a screen.

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Helps Teach Basic Academic Skills

One of the main uses for technology in the classroom is teaching and reinforcing core academic skills. One simple learning activity designed for a tablet or computer can help children learn counting, numbers, letters, colors, sounds, matching shapes, etc. Activities can be adapted to fit the individual needs of the student much easier than traditional printed worksheets and packets. For example, students who breeze through an online activity could be switched to a more advanced level, whereas students who are struggling to answer questions correctly can review the material they answered incorrectly or be redirected to another activity that’s more on their level.

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Makes Learning an Enjoyable Process

Not all students naturally love school and learning, but most students do enjoy using technology. This is something that early childhood educators can use to their advantage when it comes to getting all children to enjoy the learning process. Technology offers lots of fun and innovative activities that appeal to children of all ages.

How to use technology to your advantage as an early childhood educator:

· Early childhood educators can use technology in a purposeful way, much like they do with other learning materials, such as art supplies, blocks, books, toys, etc.

· Technology allows teachers the ability to record, save, and share what they learned in class that day, or more specifically during a particular lesson.

· Assistive technology can also be a helpful tool in communicating with or promoting the development of children with special needs or disabilities.

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There are numerous benefits associated with introducing technology to young students. Early childhood educators should embrace the use of technology in the classroom as it helps children build up their academic and social skills as well as teaching them how to navigate digital devices which will serve them well for many years to come in this rapidly changing, tech-savvy world. Athena Career Academy offers an accredited ECE degree program, and our goal is helping you succeed. Contact us today for more information about how to apply!