Why do I need training to become an MA?

Posted On February 6,2019

Why do I need training to become an MA?

A career as a medical assistant is a great path for people who want to work in the healthcare field but do not want to commit to the training it takes to become a physician or have not yet decided if they want to continue on to become a nurse. While certification is not a state or federal requirement for working as a medical assistant, it is an extremely valuable tool. A medical assisting education will ensure your safety as well as the safety of you patients. It will also open doors for you when it comes to job opportunities, pay, and advancements in your career. It is to your advantage to become properly trained and certified if you aspire to become an MA.

Learning Necessary Skills

Most employers will require that their medical assistants be certified. Doctor’s offices want reassurance that the medical assistants they hire are competent and have the skills to safely treat patients. You will learn how to do this with a quality MA education. Most medical assisting courses take less than a year to complete. This includes classroom training, lectures, labs, and an internship or externship. This training will teach you all aspects of quality patient care along with anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, CPR, first aid, and emergency care.

Phlebotomy and EKG Technician Training

The more skills you have, the more you will be able to do. This makes you even more of an asset to future employers. Phlebotomy certification shows you can properly and safely draw blood from a patient. This training typically takes about 12 weeks and may allow you to advance to other medical positions more quickly.

You may also consider EKG technician training. This certification can help you if you hope to work in a hospital or clinic. An EKG-Career Enhancement program typically lasts about 6 weeks.

Start your CMA

The Athena Difference

To become a quality MA, you need quality training and education. Athena Career Academy’s mission is to provide quality educational programs that produce a competent and educated workforce. The school is accredited by The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, and students who complete Allied Health programs at Athena Career Academy will be able to sit for national exams through the American Medical Technologist (AMT) for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Training provided by Athena increases their success.

Athena Career Academy can help you become an MA. Athena’s Allied Health Programs is committed to placing competent professionals in healthcare employment. You can be one of them. Contact Athena Career Academy today to start you career as a medical assistant.

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