Which Type of Nurse Should You Be?

Posted On March 10,2015

The nursing field has expanded immensely in recent years. Specifically, estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in December of 2013 suggest that more than one million registered nurses will be needed by 2022. There are different types of nurses and few registered nurses stay unemployed by long, even now, unless they want to. If you are considering a field in nursing, it is a good idea to consider the different types of nurses and where you would like to be doing in just a few years.

Doctor And Nurses

In Toledo OH, as in many other areas in the United States, registered nurses for intensive care units, known as ICU, are in great demand. Although it may sound as if Intensive Care Nursing is just one option, in truth, there are several choices to consider, including:

• Pediatric ICU
• Neonatal ICU
• Cardiac Care ICU

Important information about Pediatric ICU Nursing

Pediatric Intensive Care Units are a special unit devoted to sick, injured or occasionally, post-surgical children. Typically, they are under 18 and at least one year of age, although different hospitals may prefer to use different guidelines. Visiting hours are often limited, particularly for very sick children and there may also be quarantine units, for children who cannot come into contact with germs.

It only makes sense that these patients are likely to be scared and intimidated, so the friendly face of the same nurse, day after day, can have a powerful impact on their moods. If you choose this field, be prepared to offer a little extra patience to your young patients, who may not be able to fully understand all of the medical issues they are facing.

Understanding the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit includes babies who are sick, born prematurely or has other issues that require extensive medical care. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see infants in the NICU going through withdrawal as the result of being born with drugs or alcohol in their system.

There are different levels of NICU, with level four facilities providing care to the tiniest or sickest babies and decreasing in the level of care until level two. Respiratory and digestive support, as well as medications and surgical intervention, are often seen in the NICU and extremely premature babies may spend months in the different levels until they are finally well enough to go home.

Nursing in the Cardiac Care Intensive Care Unit

Registered nurses who work in the Cardiac Care ICU assess patients soon after they arrive and regularly throughout their stay. They will administer medications that have been prescribed by a physician on-staff. Most patients have a heart problem or defect of some type and may be recovering from a heart attack or open heart surgery.

It is important to note that adults of all ages and abilities are seen on the cardiac unit. Therefore, your skills will be tested in many ways during your employment.

In conclusion, Toledo OH is home to many hospitals that need good nurses now and will only need more in the future. If you are ready to start your nursing career, it is time to pick the right school.

These specific programs are not currently offered by Athena, but your education with us can provide you with the solid foundation you’ll need to move into one of these specializations when you’re ready.

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