Where Can I Teach With an Early Childhood Education Degree?

Posted On November 28,2017

Where can I teach with a Early Childhood Education Degree Athena Careers

Early childhood educators play an important role in the development and well-being of youngsters. Employment opportunities for Early Childhood Education degree holders extend far beyond preschools. Let’s take a look at some of the workplaces and positions these educators enjoy.

Employment Opportunities

Early childhood education degree holders find employment in settings ranging from preschools to childcare centers, nursery school programs, before and after-school programs, kindergarten and classrooms for the primary grades. Some elect to work as special education teachers. Others find employment in intervention programs. Additional opportunities for these professionals include home child care programs, health care settings, paediatric playrooms, drop-in programs and Head Start programs. Let’s take a closer look at some of these settings to help prospective early childhood educators get a sense as to what it is like to work in this profession.

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Early childhood educators commonly obtain employment as preschool teachers. This work environment gives early childhood educators the opportunity to nurture important developmental changes in youngsters. They help children overcome challenges in the early stages of life that are highly unique compared to those faced later on in kindergarten and grade school.Early childhood educators who work in preschools must understand the manner in which children develop so they can adequately plan activities that promote learning and comfort in social settings. Many early childhood educators begin working as a teacher’s aide or as an assistant teacher. They work beneath the supervision of a mentor and gradually progress to a role with more responsibility.

Elementary School or Special Education

Like preschool teachers, special education teachers and elementary school teachers are tasked with cultivating a comfortable learning environment where kids can grow intellectually and emotionally. Elementary school teachers educate those between kindergarten and grade five. These teachers are charged with teaching a more advanced curriculum than preschool teachers. Subjects include science, math and literature. Elementary school teachers grade assignments, assist with the development of projects and manage student behaviors. Special education teachers are especially compassionate individuals with considerable patience. They derive satisfaction from assisting those who have mental, emotional, learning and physical disabilities. They assess student abilities, create educational plans and modify lessons according to students’ unique needs. These teachers also work closely with parents and other teachers to create the optimal learning environment.


Childcare Centers

Childcare Center Directors are charged with managing the daily operations of a preschool, daycare center or another type of childcare center. These individuals have extensive experience as early childhood educators. They train and oversee staff who are responsible for child care, setting objectives, establishing standards and maintaining relationships with parents. They work with teachers to develop programs for child development, enhance curriculums, monitor teacher and student progress, prepare budgets and manage countless other aspects of the center’s program. Childcare Center Directors also handle the administrative tasks required to run a childcare center. These responsibilities range from staff management and evaluation to career counseling and record keeping.

Home-based Service Provider

Early childhood educators often work directly with children in home settings. In many instances, the home proves to be the optimal environment for learning. This is precisely why some parents prefer their little ones embrace the challenge of learning from the comfort of home. Home-based teaching requires one-on-one work with one or multiple children.

Employment Options for Early Childhood Educators are Quite Broad

It is clear that those are looking for work as early childhood educators have no shortage of employment options. If you are interested in assessing the developmental needs of children, designing educational curriculums and planning programs for developmental progress, you will find employment in this rewarding line of work sooner rather than later.

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