What Will You Learn In an ECE Degree Program?

Posted On February 2,2023

An early childhood education (ECE) degree gives prospective educators many exciting and fulfilling career opportunities to explore. You will learn how to teach and cultivate essential lessons catered to the development of young children from birth through age 8. These opportunities come from many rewarding educational careers, all meant for specialization in early childhood education. Individuals in these roles can have a tangible impact on children’s lives.

Nurturing the minds of today’s youth by teaching young children what they need to know to become successful in life can be rewarding. Education is one of the most impactful careers you can pursue, full of benefits, including:

Young female preschool teacher smiling while sitting with her students at a table with paper and coloring utensils in front of them

Making a Difference 

As mentioned above, early childhood educators can make a difference in young lives and influence future generations. They ensure children are off to a good start in life and learning. They teach students lessons they’ll carry with them their entire lives. They help children explore and succeed. They also get to witness incredible achievements. 

Working in a Creative Career Path 

When you walk into an early childhood education classroom, you can expect to see a room bursting with creativity and inspiration. Your work environment is full of art, laughter, and fun; not everyone can say they work in a setting like that. As an early childhood educator, you will be fully immersed in creating happenings in the classroom. You’ll find creative materials for a lesson, piecing together beautiful decorations and bulletin displays for the classroom, and developing an innovative curriculum for your students.

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Choosing a Career with a Bright Outlook 

There is always and will always be a need for creative educators. If you want a career with ample opportunities, early childhood education is a stable career field, now and in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ECE educators and workers should expect a bright job outlook. Preschool teachers should expect a 10% growth in employment, and that’s great news! Preschool and childcare center directors should expect employment to grow 11%. Early childhood education is a viable option with job security and advancement opportunities. 

What Will You Learn in an ECE Program? 

As a student in an ECE program, you will learn how to inspire, educate, encourage, use positive guidance, and use Developmentally Appropriate Practice Methods. You will study the developmental levels of birth through age 8. 

Athena Career Academy is committed to offering a comprehensive Early Childhood Education (ECE) Development Program designed to be completed in two years. Graduates of this program are prepared to work as early childhood teachers but will also gain the skills to become an Administrator or Coordinator of a program. The field is unlimited as to what you can achieve with an ECE degree. 

Athena Career Academy adopts a hands-on approach to training. You will learn about child psychology in your classes, covering how children develop mentally, emotionally, and physically. You will discover different methods of teaching and communicating with children. You will learn about planning educational activities for children, including the various stages of child development and which activities are appropriate for each stage. You’ll also gain experience creating lesson plans and activities, and get expert tips on how to handle challenging behavior and teach children to be independent and confident. 

If you’ve always thought about becoming a teacher, but feel a 4-year degree is just out of reach, consider becoming an early childhood educator. Our programs have no wait-list, so you can get started right away. To learn more about our ECE program, contact Athena Career Academy today.

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