Nursing Salaries: What Specialties Bring In the Highest Income?

Posted On September 9,2016

Nurses may serve many different types of practices in different ways depending on their area of focus. Today there are many specialties available, each with a diverse range of expectations. Choosing one will largely determine how you continue your education and which area of medicine you will focus on. Here is a look at the top paying specialties in nursing today.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
At the very top of the list are a special breed of nurses who have undergone extensive training and years of on the job experience. To become a certified registered nurse anesthetist you must have a master’s degree in nursing along with spending at least one full year on the floor in a critical care facility. Anesthetists are in charge of administering anesthesia during surgical preparation, as well as performing ongoing duties during and after surgery. They have a median income of roughly $150,000 per year, and a fantastic job outlook for the future.

How much can I make as a nurse? Nursing salaries are explained by Athena Career Academy with locations in Toledo, Ohio.Certified Nurse Midwife
Due to the high stress and delicacy of handling births, certified nurse midwives are next on the list of highest paid specialties. Depending on where you live and your practice’s policies you may find yourself delivering babies all on your own. However, for the most part you will be assisting with deliveries, providing aftercare, and helping new mothers get through their first few days. You must have 2-4 years of experience working in an OB’s office to qualify for certification, but it pays of with great job prospects and a $90,000+ annual salary on average.

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Specialized problem solvers in the world of nursing, clinical nurse specialists help diagnose and solve common health problems. You must obtain a master’s level degree with an emphasis in clinical care. The focus of clinical nurse specialists is being able to properly identify illnesses and treat them correctly the first time. This requires a wide berth of knowledge and symptom recognition skills.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
When it comes to psychiatric health, nurses in this specialty have their work cut out for them. This line of work stands out for the long term relationships that nurses build with their patients. Patients in this specialty generally require intensive long term care including not just prescriptions or physical treatments, but counseling and daily behavioral support. Psychiatric nurses work hand in hand with treatment teams to develop treatment plans that take into account things like anxiety, depression and other disorders that require special attention and care.

Nurse Researcher
If you’re looking to be on the cutting edge of new treatments and medicines, becoming a nurse researcher is a great place to be. This specialty includes running experiments and trials on new treatment methods, writing grants and proposals for research and documenting results. This is a specialty that caters well to creative minded individuals who are willing to think outside the box while improving the list of available treatment methods on an ongoing basis.

While these are the highest paid nursing specialties they do all require an extra bit of education and training to go along with the higher salary. However, nurses who make it to this level are rewarded with more challenging work and the ability to really focus on the types of treatment that they are best at while simultaneously providing for their future.

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