What Preschool Teachers Wish They Knew Before Beginning Their Career

Posted On June 27,2022

Hindsight is an amazing tool because it gives us perspective. There’s a lot more to careers than you can see from the outside looking in. When exploring a job in early childhood education (ECE) you might think you know what to expect. Working with children is a big part of it, but there is a lot more to a career in ECE than meets the eye.  

If you’re reading this, then you’re already interested in becoming a teacher, but first you need to make sure you understand what it’s really like to train and work in the field of early childhood education.

Young preschool student finger painting in a classroom.

Training and ECE Education Matters

The most important step in becoming a teacher is choosing the right training and education.  Look for a comprehensive, accredited program with successful alumni that offers hands-on training while providing students with the classroom skills to succeed in ECE. 

To ensure a successful outcome from your ECE program, find a quality, accredited program that offers flexible class schedules. This is especially important for students balancing school with work and family commitments. 

You Never Really Clock Out 

At the end of the school day when all your students have been picked up by parents or caregivers, you will be tired and anxious to head home. The reality is many teachers stay after class ends so they can get important tasks done that they couldn’t do while their students were present. While traditional jobs may have a specific time that you clock out from, becoming a teacher often means staying in your classroom long after your students go home. That’s not to say that teaching isn’t a flexible career with evenings, weekends, and many holidays off, but having a predictable schedule in terms of when you’re “off the clock” may vary day to day. 

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Fun Working Environment 

Unlike an office job where you’re often confined to a desk or cubicle, becoming a teacher is fun. As a preschool teacher you get to move around the classroom with your students in a bright, colorful, creative work setting. Working in the ECE field also means that no two workdays will ever be the same. Each day brings different joys, triumphs, and occasional frustrations, but that’s what keeps things fresh and exciting. 

Multiple ECE Career Options 

There are many opportunities outside the classroom for early childhood educators. If becoming a teacher isn’t for you, there are multiple career options for people who have earned an ECE degree. 

  • Nanny 
  • Private Tutor 
  • Preschool or Childcare Center Director 
  • Assistant Director 
  • Childcare Worker 
  • Business Owner 
  • Teacher’s Assistant 
  • Special Education Instructional Aide  

Plenty of Advancement Opportunities

After earning your degree in ECE, the doors will open to many exciting career opportunities. While becoming a teacher is always a popular choice, you can take your career further by choosing a specialty, like working with special needs children or owning and operating your own childcare business. The possibilities are nearly endless, so investing in a quality ECE training and degree program will definitely pay off. 

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Set Yourself Up for Success 

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, the first step is attending an accredited ECE degree program. Athena Career Academy is dedicated to offering prospective students like yourself an Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program. Athena will fully prepare you with the necessary skills and tools needed to effectively work in the ECE field. Contact us today.