What No One Tells You About Becoming a Preschool Teacher

Posted On January 4,2023

Imagine having your classroom filled with artwork, bright colors, toys, and children laughing as they learn. The preschool age is an incredible time of exploration for children, so it’s no wonder you would consider becoming a part of that necessary learning experience. 

female preschool teacher kneeling on the floor playing with young students

Suppose you’ve started pursuing a professional path that allows you to work with children, whether making a transition or starting fresh. In that case, you’re likely wondering whether you have what it takes to succeed in an early childhood education (ECE) career. The good news is the right ECE program teaches you how to help young children build the foundation they need to be successful learners in elementary school and beyond. 

Early childhood educators need to wear many hats, as they teach more than just the standard academic subjects. Most important is understanding how young children learn and develop, which is significantly different than older children. Here are some traits that help make a great teacher: 

Confident Leader 

Preschool teachers must be confident in their leadership abilities, as it’s essential to be the decision-makers in their classrooms. At times, ECE educators will face challenges in which they’ll need to use their leadership skills to motivate, guide, and encourage students in the right direction. Leading others with confidence requires maturity along with the ability to problem-solve. When conflicts arise in the classroom, preschool teachers need to handle them in ways that allow students to learn from them. 

Creative Minded 

Young children in ECE classrooms are bursting with energy that needs harnessing. As a preschool teacher, you’ll need to craft lessons that engage young children, helping them learn with hands-on activities. Each child comes to the classroom with their own interests, personality, learning style, and cultural traditions. It takes creativity to make learning fun and to teach children from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of ability.

Having Patience 

Preschool-aged children are still in the process of self-regulating and managing their emotions. Working in a busy, chaotic environment takes a decent amount of patience. Still, the structure of a quality preschool program can help children learn self-regulation tasks, including listening, following directions, taking turns, and focusing on tasks. As children learn these skills, ECE educators must have a long fuse for frustration, anger, and exasperation. Not every child understands quickly, and some behaviors can challenge even the most experienced and effective educator, so having patience is a must. 

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Strong Communication Skills 

One of the most essential traits of a skilled, confident preschool teacher is the ability to connect with young children and families, helping students learn through positive relationships.  Maintaining an encouraging rapport with students and their families can make all the difference in a child’s experience. It is also critical for preschool teachers to know how to communicate with their young students in ways they can easily understand. ECE educators have ongoing communication with fellow teachers, staff, and an administrative team. The ability to effectively communicate what’s happening in your classroom, observations you’ve made, or your needs can be helpful. 

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