What Makes a Career in Medical Assisting so Appealing?

Posted On March 27,2020

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Medical assistants play essential roles in a wide array of medical settings. These professionals are in demand at the moment and will continue to be in demand as our aging population gets older. However, financial compensation and the ability to work wherever you want are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits of a medical assisting career. Let’s take a quick look at the many reasons to become a certified medical assistant.

Medical Assistants’ Busy Work Days go by Quickly

If you are like most people, you have had at least one job where you stare at the clock for part of the day, counting the hours and minutes remaining until you can head home. Such jobs are the worst as they seemingly drag on forever. Pursue a career as a medical assistant and you will have no such worry. Your workday will go by quickly as you will have plenty to do. Time really does fly when you are busy. Your medical assistant shifts will be over in a flash as you will always have tasks to complete. Though there is the potential for the tempo of the work to change based on the nuances of the work setting, you won’t spend much time sitting around with nothing to do.Get on the Fast track to becoming a Medical Assistant

Build Your Skill Set

Your compensation and opportunities for advancement are tied to your professional skill set. Rest on your current skills and you won’t climb the ladder. Alternatively, if you embrace your education, training, and work as a medical assistant, you will gradually expand your skill set. Expanded skills make it that much easier to earn promotions as well as additional financial compensation. Become a certified medical assistant and your unique combination of soft skills and technical skills will help you qualify for additional careers in healthcare including leadership roles as they become available. You just might progress to the team lead or segue into the role of a clinic administrator.

Opportunities to Develop Meaningful Relationships With Patients and Co-workers

Ask any medical assistant about his or her favorite part of the job and you will be inundated with comments about the relationships developed with patients as well as co-workers. A career as a medical assistant really does enrich your life in financial and non-financial ways as you get to make money by lending a helping hand to those in need. Become a certified medical assistant and you will interact with patients, fellow medical assistants, nurses, doctors, and others. Watching your patients progress as a result of your care really is quite rewarding.

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Be a Part of a Rapidly Expanding Field

As noted above, our population is aging primarily because the massive baby boomer age cohort is entering its golden years. These elderly individuals will need medical assistance in the years ahead. Become a certified medical assistant and you will always have the opportunity to work. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports occupations in the healthcare field will spike by more than two million by 2026, making it the fastest expanding industry in the country. If federal health insurance reform leads to universal healthcare, there will be even more money to spend on medical assisting and other medical care, heightening the demand for industry professionals even more.

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