What is it Like to be a Preschool Teacher?

Posted On December 9,2021

If you’re looking for a career that makes a difference in the lives of young children, then becoming a teacher could be the perfect fit for you. Early childhood education (ECE) is one of the most impactful and important fields you can work in. When you choose the path of becoming an early childhood educator you are dedicating your professional life to helping our youngest children grow into responsible, confident learners.

Preschool teaching working with two young students, all are wearing masks.

Exciting Work Environment

While a 9 to 5 office job might work for some, for others, they find themselves bored and restless. One of the many benefits of becoming a teacher is getting to work in a fun, fast-paced environment. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a preschool teacher who gets bored at work or watches the clock. Your workday is guaranteed to be full of fun and surprises as every day brings something new when you work with young children. 

Discovering Your Inner Child Again 

One of the great things about becoming a teacher is remembering what it’s like to be a kid again. As a preschool teacher, you get to explore their minds to figure out how they learn best. You get to dive headfirst into the fun, carefree world of childhood again to develop activities and lesson plans that will help them grasp new concepts and want to learn more. 

Experiencing Firsts with Your Students 

As an early childhood educator, you’ll be experiencing firsts with your students at a rapid rate. Preschool teachers are often the first witnesses to groundbreaking moments. These special occasions make it easier to manage the difficult days, as becoming a teacher is full of rewarding moments just like this. 

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Working with Willing Learners 

Another great reason to become a preschool teacher is you’re working with children who are excited, willing learners. Young children aren’t naturally negative or defensive about learning new things or ideas as can be the case with some of the older age groups. Young children look forward to learning new things and participating in activities. 

Incorporating Healthier Habits 

One of the most unexpected benefits of becoming a teacher is developing healthier habits for yourself. Since your students will be on a schedule for snacks, meals, and exercise, preschool teachers must follow the same routine. Preschool teachers also move about constantly, versus sitting at a desk, which helps keep the day exciting. 

Stable and Secure 

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, it should excite you to learn that the career outlook for early childhood educators continues to be strong. Preschool teachers are vital to the development of early learners. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, preschool teachers can expect a ten percent growth, making a career in ECE a smart choice for your future because there will always be a high demand for qualified, creative teachers. 

Teaching Is Family Friendly 

Another advantage to becoming a teacher is the extra vacation days. Preschool teachers get more days off than other professionals, including certain holidays and breaks, like summer vacation. While some teaching positions may involve irregular hours, most teaching jobs provide shorter daytime hours, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

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Interested in Teaching Preschool? 

Preschool teachers are critical to the success of children as they help them grow, develop, and foster a lifetime love of learning. When you choose a quality early childhood education program like the one at Athena Career Academy, you’re investing in a bright future. Prepare yourself for a career full of purpose and happiness by contacting our admissions team today! We can schedule a campus tour and you can learn all about the process for enrolling.