What is a Childcare Director’s Job Description?

Posted On March 19,2020

Child in a childcare classroom playing with the teacher and other children.

Childcare Directors play an important role, as they are responsible for providing a safe, nurturing, and educationally rich environment for children to grow, learn, and thrive in.is the case for most people who find themselves in the director role, a successful and effective Childcare Director is one who is confident, highly organized, and can remain calm and collected under pressure, as running an entire childcare center facility is a big job with a lot of responsibilities.

Here are a few of the many duties and roles you can expect to fill when working as a Childcare Director:

Administrative Duties

As is the case in any director role, a Childcare Director must be able to handle administrative duties, such as processing enrollments, keeping track of attendance and health records, ordering supplies, and overseeing the budget. The director is also in charge of proper record keeping, such as keeping all student files up to date, including emergency contact information, medical information, and behavioral incidents and records.

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Managing Staff

The director is responsible for hiring, training, and evaluating the staff. This often includes observing the teachers in the classroom and giving them feedback based on their performance. The director is also responsible for creating the work schedule for the entire staff.

Providing Instructional Support

Childcare Directors are in charge of overseeing the curriculum used in their facility. This could mean developing or reviewing lesson plans created by the teachers or selecting curriculum to be implemented throughout the facility. There may be occasions where the Director will have to stand in for a teacher as a substitute when needed. For some directors they may even teach a certain number of hours a day or wee

Communicating with Families

The director is typically the first person to meet with parents to give them a tour of the childcare center and go over the fees, policies, and curriculum. The director should have strong communication skills as they will need to be comfortable speaking to parents and caregivers about any policy changes, behavioral or educational concerns, injuries, illness, etc.

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Knowledge of Compliance Duties

One of the most important duties of the director is to ensure that their facility is in full compliance when it comes to all licensing and safety regulations, including scheduling inspections. This role requires a lot of organization as there is a lot of paperwork to fill out and file, as well as the proper storing of sensitive and private information. This includes keeping records on staff and making sure they are current on their licensing and educational requirements.

How to become a Childcare Director

In order to become a director of a childcare facility, one must have the proper experience and education first. Most childcare centers require their director hold a college degree, such as an Early Childhood Education Degree for example.

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