What Institutions Hire the Most MAs?

Posted On May 18,2017


Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing career choices today. This career offers a great working environment, good pay, and the opportunity to help others as you work. The diverse training given to medical assistants allows them to work in a variety of jobs within the healthcare system. Some of the basic duties of medical assistants include taking medical histories, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, assisting physicians during examination, and handling billing. Once you complete a medical assistant program, you will be eligible to work in different organizations. Here are some of the institutions that hire the most medical assistants.

Primary Care Facilities

Hospitals and private practices are the most common places you can work as a medical assistant. In these institutions, MAs support doctors and nurses by carrying out administrative and clinical tasks. The administrative side of a medical assistant in a hospital involves filling out patients’ records, processing patients’ payments, scheduling appointments, preparing patients for examination and maintaining office inventories. The clinical aspect involves having direct contact with patients by providing education and care instructions and assisting doctors and nurses with simple procedures. Primary care facilities exist in just about every town and this equates to demand of MAs in hospital settings.

Medical Laboratories

Collecting and processing lab specimens should be part of any good medical assistant training program. MAs are hired mostly by health care clinics that require individuals with the skills to handle blood samples and other laboratory tests. Research universities everywhere hire medical assistants to support their faculty in lab work. Additionally, organizations that conduct medical research and development also hire MAs to support their scientists in lab work.

Home Health Agencies and Nursing Homes

With the focus on treatment away from hospitals, patients who need more care are released to their homes, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. In such instances, individuals with the right level of training are required to provide medical care. Retirement communities also hire medical assistants to offer on-hand medical care. Since most of the individuals in nursing homes, retirement homes or those receiving home health care have their own primary care physicians, medical assistants are required to provide services such as wound care and injections in case small accidents occur.

Insurance Companies

Medical assistants are also in demand in insurance companies that need individuals with skills to validate health insurance claims. MAs help protect the company from fraud while at the same time ensuring that the required medical care is provided to the patients. A medical assistant plays the critical role in determining whether an insurance policy covers a particular medical procedure. Insurance companies, therefore, hire individuals with an understanding of medical lingo and can be able to help patients understand the coverage of a particular policy. A medical assistant also plays the role of assisting individuals applying for medical cover or insurance claims fill out their forms.

These are the common institutions that hire the most MAs and this, therefore, means that there is a lot of versatility in this career path. Whether you’d like to work in a hospital, clinic, medical lab, nursing home, or insurance company, becoming an MA could be the perfect way to nurture your career passions while at the same time supporting your family. Turn your medical field interests into action with Athena Career Academy. Our Medical Assistant program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to help them secure employment opportunities in modern medical facilities. If you are ready to start training to be a medical assistant, visit Athena Career Academy today.

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