What has Changed for Teachers

Posted On August 10,2021

Much like technology, the teaching profession has also evolved in the last decade or two. Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions that prevent many prospective students from entering the incredible field of early childhood education. Some are concerned they won’t be encouraged to be creative or will spend much of their time on testing and meeting benchmarks. While it’s true that teachers have a lot on their plate, many of them remain optimistic about what lies ahead.Young teacher sitting at her desk with a surprised look on her face.

States Set Higher Academic Standards 

Due to common core standards in 2010 and the Next Generation Science Standards in 2013, curriculum and teaching methods have changed compared to prior generations. The implementation came with controversy, as many teachers were confused on how to incorporate their own curriculum. There was also an increase in monitoring reading and math scores associated with the new academic standards which affects the time teachers had to spend on other subjects. As a result of these issues, many states have since revised these standards to reduce the confusion, but the higher test score requirements remain. 

Students Play a More Active Role

In the past, the teacher structured the same lessons while the students listened. Thanks to improved teaching methods, students now play an active role in their learning by utilizing inquiry and project-based concepts. Teachers are engaging their students’ curiosity by presenting them with problems and scenarios to solve, versus only delivering information. 

Remote Learning has Increased in Popularity 

As we continue to navigate through a pandemic, it’s quite clear that remote learning has exploded in popularity. Parents appreciate the option for their students to learn without compromising their health and safety, and the flexibility to work at their own pace has many benefits to family life.

Use of Technology in the Classrooms 

Teachers today have an arsenal of technology available to them in the classroom. The attitude about the use of technology in the classroom is changing for the positive as well. Teachers are more intentional about when to use technology and when to power it off. When used properly, technology is a powerful tool for teachers to utilize, and it’s a great way to keep kids interactively engaged.

Teachers and Students are More Connected 

Speaking of technology, it’s changed the way teachers and students stay connected- in a good way. Prior to technology, there was little to no communication when students left the classroom, but thanks to technology, it’s much easier to stay connected, even outside of the classroom. Parents are also able to connect with the teacher and stay in the loop on their child’s progress, and kids can reach out for lesson clarity with fast responses to their questions.

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Games are Learning Tools 

In prior generations, games were primarily viewed as free-time entertainment only, but not anymore. Games have become a valuable learning tool aimed to engage and motivate students to want to learn. Games have a permanent place in early childhood education and today’s teachers recognize that learning doesn’t have to be filled with dread by their students. 

More Diversity 

Classrooms include more diversity than ever before, making teaching more fulfilling and rewarding. Early childhood education teachers get to learn how to best teach children from diverse language backgrounds and those with special education needs. 

Teachers are Part of a Community 

Gone are the days of viewing teaching as a solo career. Today’s teacher has a lot more support, and gets to join a strong community of bright, passionate educators like themselves. Feeling a sense of belonging can make the difficult days of teaching much easier to handle. 

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