What does the curriculum look like in an Early Childhood Education program

Posted On April 3,2019

What does the curriculum look like in an Early Childhood Education programThere aren’t many teachers out there who will tell you that their job isn’t fulfilling. If you’re looking for a career path that is personally fulfilling, teaching will certainly provide that, especially when you consider the impact you can have on the development of the children you work with. There are lots of different types of career paths you can choose, but if you’re particularly interested in how you can help a child develop, then you might want to consider pursuing a career in early childhood education.

About Our Early Childhood Education Program

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Here at Athena Career Academy, we have a comprehensive early childhood education program that will help prepare you for a career teaching children from birth to the age eight. We focus on teaching students how to educate young children, encourage them, inspire them, and use positive guidance. We teach our students how to use Developmentally Appropriate Practice Methods and have integrated NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards into our curriculum. We also follow Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

Graduates of our early childhood education program will have the education needed to work as administrators, leads, head teachers, play specialists, cruise ship children’s directors, and more. You’ll even have the skills and education required to own and operate your own childcare center.

Early Childhood Education Classes

To be a successful early childhood education teacher, you will need to have a well-rounded education. It’s why we require a variety of general education classes in addition to our core early childhood education classes. We hold both day and evening classes and require students to go to class two to three times a week, which should make it more convenient for students who work or who have responsibilities at home. The program is typically two years long and is divided into quarters (there are a total of 92 quarter credit hours). The following are some of the core early childhood education classes you will take if you enroll in our program:

  • Foundations of Education
  • Child Development
  • Early Childhood Literacy
  • Infant Toddler Care and Development
  • Special Needs and Education
  • Diversity and Multicultural Understanding

Some of the general education classes that you will need to take include the following:

  • Oral Communication
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Biology
  • Introduction to the Arts
  • Environmental Studies

Besides getting a well-rounded education, you will also earn certifications in first aid, infant and adult CPR, and child abuse recognition and prevention. Once you’ve graduated from our program, we will assist you with job placement.

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