What Does an Early Childhood Educator Teach?

Posted On December 6,2019

What Does an Early Childhood Educator Teach?

From birth to the age of eight is a critical time in a child’s life. They are at their most vulnerable, while at the same time hungry for knowledge about the world around them and how it works. Choosing to work with children at this stage in their life is the job of an Early Childhood Education (ECE) professional, and it can be some of the most rewarding work a person can do.

With it being such an important time in a child’s life, having the proper training and tools to be in the ECE field are absolutely critical. From classroom to administrative roles, there are many skills you’ll learn through an accredited ECE program. 

Learning to Play

Spend time in any ECE center, and you will notice one thing: Hands-on experiences and learning through play. These characteristics form the backbone of the curriculum for young children. It may seem to be an easy thing to do, but guiding children through the early stages of life requires encouragement, positive guidance, and inspiration, as well as the educational tools that come along with an ECE degree.

Teaching social skills and how to interact with the world around them also involves weaving lessons and play together to support each other. A degree in early childhood education will prepare you to build appropriate lesson plans and inspire your students.

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ECE Teaching Methods

Social skills, play, and hands-on teaching are all within the scope of an ECE teacher, but to do that they must foster a positive learning environment. Some skills of an ECE teacher are innate, but it’s the rest of what early childhood educators do that sets up children for a great learning experience.

An effective ECE teacher is able to:

  • Develop schedules and enforce classroom routines.
  • Maintain a safe and comfortable environment for learning.
  • Provide age-appropriate supervision and discipline.
  • Plan and implement daily lessons.
  • Observe students and communicate those observations.
  • Be able to address special needs.
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Careers in ECE

Moving beyond the classroom, there are plenty of chances for ECE professionals to find rewarding careers in administrative roles. Besides overseeing the administrative duties of the school or learning center in which they are employed, administrators must also train and supervise the teachers under their direction.

No matter what role you envision yourself in for your career, Athena Career Academy can prepare you for a career as an ECE educator. Our ECE associate’s degree is a two-year accredited program, with day or evening classes, making it easier to work toward a rewarding career. Contact us today for a campus tour or to speak with someone in admissions.

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