What Do Medical Assistants Do All Day?

Posted On December 11,2020

A career in the medical field is a smart direction for many who are looking for their next role. The medical field is growing rapidly and medical assistants are often in high demand. Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent way to enter the medical field and have a day filled with various duties that allow you to develop your skills in an administrative and clinical setting, working face to face with patients.Medical assistant sitting at a desk with a laptop.

What is a Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant is a professional in the medical field who performs both administrative and clinical tasks. Medical assistants have a variety of duties and work in a variety of medical locations, including doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities. Medical assistants are an essential part of the healthcare team, working alongside the medical and administrative staff.

Administrative Tasks

Medical assistants are often responsible for taking on some administrative duties within the medical facility. Some of these include:

· Answering the phone, returning calls, and scheduling and confirming appointments.

· Documenting medical and insurance information.

· Making sure patient files are maintained and up to date.

· Greeting patients and checking patients in and out.

Clinical Tasks

Medical assistants will also have clinical tasks to perform. Depending on the workplace, they may have more of a clinical role. Medical assistants are usually responsible for:

· Taking patient histories and documenting symptoms for physician review.

· Recording vital signs, documenting physician notes, and noting changes in medical conditions.

· Taking tissue and fluid samples and sending them to the lab for analysis.

· Preparing patient rooms for procedures and assisting during procedures.

· Assisting physicians during routine checkups, outpatient procedures, and other exams.

· Preparing and administering medications under the direction and supervision of the medical staff.

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Patient Liaison

One of the most important roles that a medical assistant will play during a typical day is that of a patient liaison. A medical assistant has a good deal of face time with each patient, often more than any other medical professionals. Their role is to provide compassionate patient support, attention, care, and assistance. This may include “translating” a diagnosis, treatment, or procedure from medical speak into a way the patient understands easily. Patients may be scared, overwhelmed, and confused by medical jargon, and it is often the job of the medical assistant to make sure that they leave feeling like they understand what is going on with their health.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant?

Becoming a medical assistant is very attainable. With a high school diploma and completion of a medical assisting program with certification, you can become a Certified Medical Assistant. Once you have begun your career as a medical assistant, you can continue your education into another healthcare related program if you choose to. The experience you will gain in all the aspects of the medical field is an important benefit of becoming a medical assistant. With so much variety in your role as a medical assistant, choosing this career won’t leave you feeling bored with your job. Becoming a medical assistant means that you will develop administrative, clinical, communication, and interpersonal skills while earning a good wage with benefits.

Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent way to get started in a career in healthcare. The variety of duties, face to face time with patients, and ability to further your career are all advantages of this career. Becoming a medical assistant is something that you can get started with quickly! In today’s climate with healthcare professionals in high demand, it is a smart way to set yourself up for a long, rewarding career. Contact our admissions team at Athena Career Academy for more information about our accredited programs. We are here to help you succeed!

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