What do Childcare Teachers Do?

Posted On February 25,2020

What-do-Early-Education-Teachers-DoA childcare teacher might work with small students, but they have a big job to do. While some people may think a childcare teacher simply watches children play all day long, in reality, their job involves so much more. A childcare teacher is also responsible for the health, safety, development, nutrition, and education of their students.

What Exactly do Childcare Teachers Do?

Childcare teacher responsibilities typically include:

· Providing basic care for children, such as setting schedules and routines, providing meals and snacks, changing diapers or helping with toilet training, cleaning and sanitizing rooms and toys.

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· Developing and creating activities which encourage age-appropriate learning and socialization to ensure children are learning important basic skills, such as communication and behavior, like sharing, manners, keeping their hands to themselves, etc.

· Maintaining a safe environment and workspace by monitoring children for any signs of health concerns, behavioral or emotional issues, and reporting any concerns to the staff and the parent or caregiver.

· Helping children discover new interests by introducing them to music, art, sports, and other potential activities and hobbies.

· Ensuring that children are learning and modeling positive behaviors and providing the appropriate and approved guidance or discipline when needed.

· Preparing children to transition to the next level of care or helping them prepare for entry into preschool or elementary school.

· Keeping accurate, organized, and detailed records.

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· Working one on one with parents or caregivers to help children meet their educational and behavioral goals.

· Transporting children to nearby parks, field trips or other daily outings and maintaining constant supervision.

· Administering first aid and reporting any illness or injury to parents and medical professionals whenever necessary.

· Comforting children who are sad, frightened, frustrated, etc.

· Answering parent inquiries promptly and addressing and resolving any disputes or concerns.

What Are Some Skills a Childcare Teacher Should Possess?

In order to be a successful and effective childcare teacher, one should be able to:

· Demonstrate patience and compassion.

· Act responsibly and be attentive

· Possess knowledge of proper childcare techniques and have an understanding of early childhood development.

· Have strong communication and listening skills.

· Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with young children.

· Model strong leadership skills.

· Design engaging and innovative activities when creating lesson plans.

· Think and react quickly but calmly in an emergency.

· Have a strong knowledge of all first aid and safety procedures.

· Have decent physical and mental stamina as overseeing large numbers of young children can be exhausting.

How Does One Become a Childcare Teacher?

A childcare teacher should have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent, and meet any other special requirements required by their employer or the state. However, if you really want to stand out and succeed in this field, consider taking your education one step further and earn a degree in early childhood education. Contact Athena Career Academy to find out what an early childhood education degree can do for your future.

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