What Can You Do with an Early Childhood Education Degree?

Posted On November 25,2019

What Can You Do with an Early Childhood Education Degree?

For those who enjoy working with children and are eager to inspire and play a major role in shaping the lives of others, obtaining a degree in early childhood education (ECE) is a wise decision. While there may have been a strong stigma in the past that those who pursue careers in early childhood education are only qualified to work in a daycare type of setting. Actually, the early childhood education career options have evolved over the years. It may surprise some to learn that there are various career opportunities one can explore, ranging from education to social work.

Below are five early childhood careers worth considering:

#1 Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers are usually one of the first people to get the distinct privilege of making a big impact on a young child’s educational life. These early childhood development professionals educate the youngest group of students, typically ages three to five, and help them develop the academic foundations that will accompany them in the elementary years and beyond.

Preschool teachers teach a whole lot more than cutting and pasting these days. Today’s preschool teacher teaches a variety of academic subjects including math, science, writing, art and more.

#2 Teacher Assistant

Teacher assistants in early education help teachers by enforcing classroom rules, preparing materials and lesson plans, and assisting with any other duties the teacher may need help with.

While the lead teacher generally teaches the lessons to the class, the teacher assistant may work with smaller groups or individuals who require a little more help during work time. Teacher assistants may also lend a hand in grading quizzes or checking homework.

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#3 Childcare Center Director

Childcare center directors work with children, but more as a supervisor versus hands on. This includes supervising childcare workers and preschool teachers, establishing rules and policies and enforcing them, and handling the business side of a childcare operation.

For those who don’t want the responsibilities associated with all that accompanies being a director, there are plenty of additional career opportunities within the childcare realm, including working in a public or private childcare center, home-based center, before or after school programs, gyms, and community centers, just to name a few.

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#4 Nanny

While a nanny is similar to a childcare worker, a nanny will typically work with one specific family and watch children in their own home.

Nannies provide care for working families and assume many of the same responsibilities of a parent, such as preparing and serving meals, housework, transporting kids to and from activities, etc. While a degree in early childhood education isn’t necessarily required to obtain employment as a nanny, it can definitely make you stand out as a more qualified candidate to those families seeking a high level of quality care for their children.

#5 Family Support Specialist

For families needing a little extra assistance, a family support specialist provides them with helpful information by referring them to much needed community services. They are also responsible for assessing a family’s eligibility for those services.

In order to achieve success as a family support specialist, it’s often helpful to have a strong understanding of child development, child care regulations, and a vast knowledge of local private and public resources available for families.

What Will You Decide to do With an Early Childhood Education Degree?

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