Top 5 Reasons a Vocational School is Better Than Traditional College

Posted On August 17,2022

Traditional colleges are great for some people, but it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Current graduates from four-year institutions are facing mountains of debt and declining job prospects. Instead, what if you could receive an affordable education that would prepare you for a career with immediate job openings? 

If getting through school in less time, with less debt sounds appealing, you should strongly consider a vocational school.

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Medical assistants are a perfect example as they are in high demand and are needed in nearly every type of healthcare facility. Medical assisting is just one of the many career options available at your local vocational school. You can also train to become a preschool teacher, licensed practical nurse, and so much more.

Here are five reasons a vocational school is better than a traditional college: 

1. Quick Start

If you attend a traditional four-year college, expect to spend at least four years earning your degree, with the possibility of it taking even longer depending on prerequisites. For many working adults, or for students with children to care for, being able to spare that much time to attend school is not an option. Vocational school is an excellent alternative as you can get career preparation in one year or less. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, you can get trained in less than a year. Vocational school is ideal for students looking to jumpstart a new career quickly. 

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2. Less Expensive 

As mentioned above, compared to the cost of attending an expensive four-year college, vocational school is the more affordable option. For many, the financial commitment and costs of a traditional school are out of reach, but vocational school is affordable for most. Additionally, financial aid is usually available for students needing tuition assistance, so ask your local vocational school if financial aid is an option. 

3. Smaller Class Sizes 

Another reason to choose a vocational school over a traditional college is smaller class sizes. Many four-year colleges hold classes in auditoriums with hundreds of students. Vocational schools offer smaller classes to provide more individual attention to their students. Smaller classes allow students to ask more questions and build a stronger bond with their instructors and classmates. 

4. Flexible Schedules 

Imagine trying to work your normal job while attending class during the day, four to five days a week. It’s not easy to complete a traditional college curriculum while working a full-time job or caring for children. A vocational school understands that many of their students require some accommodations and offers flexible day and evening classes to make it more convenient to attend classes and achieve success in the program they choose. 

5. Hands-On Training 

Traditional colleges focus more on theoretical knowledge than practical, hands-on training. While theoretical knowledge is nice to learn, students graduating from four-year colleges often require on-the-job training as their education is mostly background information. Vocational schools prepare their students by teaching them a mix of hands-on-training and educational courses. As a result, you’re more likely to adapt to your new career faster than someone who attended a traditional college because you received direct hands-on training. 

Are You Considering Going Back to School? 

If you’re a recent high school graduate or a working adult looking for continuing education options to get a better job, a vocational school makes perfect sense. Athena Career Academy is fully dedicated to the success of our students and is designed to prepare you for a satisfying career in today’s economic environment. Contact us today to learn more.  

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