Seven Characteristics of Great Nurses

Posted On October 13,2015

What Makes a Good Nurse GREAT!

Let’s face it. There are all kinds of people out there. Some are okay with doing things halfway. Others are perfectionists with everything they do and won’t stop until everything is “just so.” And then there are those individuals who really just want to do a good job in life and be on their way. Nurses are no different. We’ve probably all encountered a few really terrible nurses before (the ones who are grouchy and impatient), hopefully many more pretty decent ones (the ones who consistently do their jobs as required with a smile on their faces), a even a few of the great ones. That last group is the nurses we remember most. They are the ones who seem to go above and beyond the call of duty to make their patients feel cared for and supported.

So, just what is it that sets great nurses apart from the good nurses? What exactly are the characteristics of a really great nurse?

  1. Great nurses have great attention to detail. In the medical field, mistakes can be costly. Great nurses take their time to do things correctly the first time. They don’t make spelling mistakes, are thorough in all of their responsibilities, and never cut corners. They understand that missing a sudden change in a patient’s physical health or vital stats, or even a misspelled name, could be the difference between life and death.
  2. Great nurses have great communication skills. Whether speaking to a patient, family members, or other medical professionals, great nurses exercise listening and speaking fluency and strong interpersonal skills. Nurses must advocate for their patients and communicate doctors’ treatment plans and family concerns clearly. Patients never have to worry whether or not a great nurse is really listening to their concerns. The evidence is always clear.
  3. Practical Nursing Toledo and STNA Classes in Toledo OhioGreat nurses have great emotional control. A day in the life of a nurse can be like a roller coaster of emotions. Great nurses must be able to take the good along with the bad, and remain calm, cool, and collected along the way. Whether it’s dealing with stubborn patients, angry family members, or overworked physicians, great nurses are in control of their emotions and behave in a way that is beneficial for everyone.
  4. Great nurses are great problem solvers. Great nurses need to be quick thinkers, ready with innovative ways to get stubborn patients to be more cooperative. They look for practical solutions to problems instead of automatically deferring to others for guidance. And, they are even able to anticipate, and prevent, some problems before they ever occur.
  5. Great nurses have great flexibility. A nursing career means long hours, weekend and night shifts, and frequent overtime. Daily responsibilities may change without a moment’s notice. Great nurses understand this fact and are able to accommodate the changes willingly and without sacrificing work quality.
  6. Great nurses have great physical endurance. Nurses spend a significant portion of their time on their feet, especially in clinics and hospitals. Spending all day walking from place to place requires endurance and stamina. Great nurses take time to stay physically fit and eat healthy so they can keep up with the demands of the job day after day.
  7. Great nurses have great respect for what matters. Rules, regulations, and procedures are in place for a reason. Great nurses understand this and don’t cut corners without a very legitimate reason. They respect people, even when it’s difficult. These nurses know that a little bit of respect goes a long way when it comes to the patient health and treatment success.

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