Tips for Getting Through Your Healthcare Training Program

Posted On April 16,2021

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare students is getting over their nervous tension about enrolling in an accredited program. Learning how to balance your life and work schedules is essential for advancing in the healthcare field. Here are some helpful tips for getting past your healthcare training program and on your way to a successful career as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA).Medical team wearing stethoscopes.

1. Aim for Perfect Class Attendance

While no student of an accredited program can promise 100% attendance throughout the course, it’s still ambitious and possible to never miss a class. Making class attendance a high priority is the key to advancing toward certification. If you do miss a class, make sure you get thorough notes and ask any questions you have about the material you missed.

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2. Take as Many Notes as Possible

It always helps to record a training session on video or audio if it’s allowed. But even if you record it, you should still take notes that you can refer to at any time. Most people cannot remember everything they’ve heard from a training session, so it definitely helps to write down the main points to organize your thoughts.

3. Ask Questions When Something Isn’t Clear

Learning about healthcare requires focus and ability to remember a high volume of structured and detailed information. But it’s understandable if you get stuck in certain course areas, so don’t be afraid to ask instructors and other trainees questions. It’s essential to be clear on all course material to move forward on the right foot.

4. Take Time for Exercise, Rest, and Nutrition

A great way to relieve your mind from stress is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes physical exercise like walking. But you should also get plenty of sleep and commit to a diet rich in nutrition. Adopting this proactive lifestyle will help ease pressures from the program, as you will be more in control of your mood and energy level.

5. Review Your Notes Daily

Simply taking down notes once and never looking at them again probably won’t be helpful. But if you review your notes on a daily basis, it’s likely you’ll retain clear concepts of the course material. Remember that repetition plays a key role in the learning process.

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6. Meet with Healthcare Professionals

When you meet with licensed and certified healthcare professionals it can help expand your understanding of the accredited program and the healthcare system. If you aren’t able to meet in person, then engage through email. Ask for further advice on how to improve your education.

7. Participate in Clinical Demonstrations

The more hands-on experience you get in your training period, the more convincing you will be to a healthcare employer. Attending clinical demonstration puts you in touch with the skills you’ll need prior to getting hired. Learning theory is crucial, but learning from hands-on experience is more pivotal toward establishing a career as an MA.

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8. Learn From Experience

Everyone makes errors throughout their lives, but successful careers are paved by learning from mistakes. It’s important to develop reminders, systems, or safeguards that prevent making the same mistakes in the future. In the healthcare industry mistakes can be costly, so it’s important to gain confidence through experience. If you’re ready for an exciting new career as a medical assistant, contact our admissions team to schedule a tour. Athena Career Academy offers an exceptional program taught by experienced, knowledgeable staff who know what it takes to succeed in healthcare. Let’s talk about your future today!