The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Posted On April 18,2019

The Importance of Early Childhood EducationFor some parents the importance of early childhood education (ECE), or educational programs for children aged five and below, are widely misunderstood. They may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Is it not just crayons and paste? My child can do that stuff at home”. But early childhood education has evolved over the years. It offers so much more than what might have been previously thought of in the past as just another form of glorified daycare.

Here are some of the many ways an early childhood education may benefit your child:

Provides a Smoother Transition Into Grade School

It’s not an unfamiliar scene during Kindergarten drop off. One or two terrified children desperately clinging to their mom or dad and screaming for dear life on the first day of Kindergarten. For kids already acclimated to a school-like environment at an early age, they have already learned how to be content and comfortable being away from their adult guardian for a given period of time. ECE leads to an easier and smoother transition into grade school, with less tears and more excitement over the transition.

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Develops Social Skills

Many people underestimate the importance of socialization, but learning how to master appropriate interactions with peers is a vital skill, no matter how young. Solid communication skills not only lead to a more confident and social child, but it helps set the foundation when it comes to building those ever so important personal and business relationships in the future.

Improves Physical Skills

Learning academics isn’t the only benefit when it comes to ECE. Children also learn how to master their fine motor skills as well. Some of these skills include how to properly hold a pencil, using safety scissors to cut out shapes, and sorting small objects such as coins.

Teaches the Importance of Teamwork

As children get older, there are numerous situations where they must be able to work together in order to accomplish certain tasks, whether that’s on school projects, playing on sports teams, or collaborating on important work projects as adults. ECE teaches children from an early age how to treat each other with respect by listening to each other, taking turns, and sharing toys. These skills help them to be a positive, contributing, and valuable teammate in the future.

Creates Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning

Early childhood education is designed to be fun, creative, and exciting, while still meeting those important educational milestones. Children who are introduced to a structured learning process at an earlier age tend to be more curious when it comes to craving additional knowledge in the grade school years and beyond. This curiosity and love for learning may lead to a higher level of academic success.

Parenting is hard enough, so anything that makes our job a little easier by helping our children develop strong academic, social and emotional skills, along with fostering a lifelong love and passion for learning is certainly worth it.

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