The Fastest Growing Position for an RN

Posted On January 17,2017

bigstock-Smiling-Nurse-Assisting-Senior-84769652.jpgWouldn’t it be nice to step into a growing career field that gives you the opportunity to help those in need, attain personal fulfillment and earn a respectable income? This is a description of the professional nursing field. RNs enjoy all sorts of opportunities to earn a living in a professional environment that does not take a toll on the body or put one in harm’s way. This is a rapidly growing, completely safe and financially lucrative line of work. Let’s take a look at some of the fastest growing nursing specialties that offer a comfortable work environment, opportunities for career growth and more than a living wage.

Long-term Care/Geriatric Nurse

Did you know that about 10,000 baby boomers reach age 65 each day? This is the second largest age cohort in the nation next to their “boomerang” millennial offspring. Baby boomers will require extensive medical care as they reach their golden years. Many of these seniors are suffering physically and mentally. They desperately need the assistance of long-term care nurses and other medical professionals. Statistics show that the job growth rate for long-term care nurses will jump by about 25 percent in the near future. These professionals work closely with seniors to mitigate the effects of disabilities related to the aging process. Geriatric nurses assist those who suffer from heart conditions, limited mobility, Alzheimer’s disease and all sorts of other age-related maladies.

Cardiovascular Nurse

The leading cause of death in the United State is heart disease. This statistic is evidence for the increasing demand for cardiovascular nurses. As the baby boomers enter their 70s and 80s, the need for cardiovascular nurses will continue to increase. These nurses work alongside cardiologists and other medical professionals in an effort to treat heart conditions and perform successful heart surgeries.

Ambulatory Care Nurse

There is a trend toward shifting health care services away from hospitals and into doctors’ offices. One of the side effects of this transition is a growing need for ambulatory care nurses. These professionals work from doctors’ offices to apply treatment and care to patients who suffer from all sorts of injuries, diseases, and illnesses. Statistics show that nursing employment within doctors’ offices will ramp upward by nearly 40 percent in the coming years.

Perioperative Nurse

Perioperative nurses play a vitally important role in human health. These professionals work in operating rooms to assist surgeons with surgical procedures. Industry experts anticipate that this field will expand as more surgical work extends to ambulatory surgical centers in the coming years.

Gynecology Nurse

Women are visiting the gynecologist at a higher frequency as word spreads about the importance of basic biological and reproductive health care. The field of gynecology will continue to grow thanks to the rampant spread of healthcare information posted to the web. This is excellent news for nurses who specialize in gynecology.

The Message is Clear: RNs are in High-Demand

Become an RN and you will have all sorts of professional nursing opportunities to choose from. An aging population combined with a renewed national focus on healthcare has made nursing one of the hottest career fields in history. You’ll earn a comfortable living without staring at a screen for hours on end, performing back-breaking physical labor or spending years upon years pursuing advanced college degrees.

This is your chance to join an industry with endless career opportunities. Launch your nursing career today and you will rest easy knowing your skills will be in demand for decades to come. One meeting with our Admissions counselors could help put you on the path to a successful new career that could change your life for the better. Start Your Journey Now