The Best Places for Job Placement After Completing the RN Program

Posted On February 28,2017


Registered nurses (RNs) work in all sorts of professional environments. From hospitals to clinics, schools and long-term care settings, these professionals enjoy job placement in an array of unique settings. Some even choose to perform their work on-the-go as traveling nurses.

Home Health Care

Many home-bound patients are elderly and incapable of moving with considerable mobility. Some such patients have developmental disabilities and require assistance with living skills, medical care, bodily functions etc. Those who desire the chance to establish meaningful bonds with patients will find that working in patient homes is rewarding on a personal level.

Traveling Nurses

RNs who prefer to alternate work settings find that working as a traveling nurse is quite enjoyable. Traveling nurses drive (or fly) from site to site, administering specialized medical care as necessary. Some nurses travel from one patient home to the next, caring for patients. Others venture between short-term assignments, exploring the country while traveling from job to job. In general, traveling nurses are provided with free housing and have their relocation costs covered. Many receive bonuses to perform such work. The typical traveling nurse assignment lasts between two months and 26 weeks.


RNs work in schools at every level from elementary school all the way to colleges. Educational facilities are in need of professional nurses for basic care, the taking of vitals, urgent care during emergencies and other student needs. Students require medical attention for everything ranging from measuring blood sugar before lunch to administering insulin. Some nurses also work in schools in an educational role, teaching students about nutrition and how specific foods impact blood sugar.

Physician Offices

Those who prefer the traditional 9-5 schedule obtain considerable enjoyment from working in a doctor’s office. RNs in such a work environment assist during exams, perform lab work, administer injections and dress patient wounds. Physician offices are coveted as they are extremely comfortable work settings.


Hospitals provide an exciting work environment with plenty of challenges. Though hospitals can be a bit hectic, they also provide RNs with a myriad of opportunities. RNs who work in hospitals care for an array of patients, treat all sorts of different ailments, have the chance to train in a specialty and enjoy the opportunity to supervise others. Anyone who is on the prowl to specialize in a niche such as surgical nursing will obtain considerable happiness from working in a hospital setting.

Nursing Homes and Long-Term Rehabilitation Facilities

The baby boomer age cohort is rapidly aging. There is a growing demand for nurses in residential care facilities to accommodate the needs of seniors. There is also considerable growth in long-term rehabilitation facilities to treat patients who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, head injuries etc. Facilities are also in strong need of RNs to treat those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. RNs who work in these environments assess patient health, monitor patients, create idiosyncratic treatment plans and perform procedures.

RN Job Placement Opportunities are Seemingly Endless

If you are enrolled in an RN program or if you have recently completed your RN program, you are in an excellent position. There is no shortage of job placement options for RNs. Some entry-level RNs are even provided with multiple offers and can select the work environment that best suits their tastes. The beauty of this profession is that it empowers nurses to work in a variety of realms, each with its own nuances. Get started today by sitting down with our admission counselors at Athena Career Academy.

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