The Best Nurses Have Good Communication Skills

Posted On June 25,2019

The Best Nurses Have Good Communication SkillsNursing is a rewarding career, but it takes a special kind of person who can juggle all of the heavy responsibilities that come with the job. Nurses must be able to think on their feet and make difficult decisions on a dime, as well as be able to perform their job duties under pressure. Often in the middle of stressful and sometimes chaotic situations.

One major job responsibility that is often overlooked is having excellent communication skills. What sets an amazing nurse apart from the rest is one who understands the importance of how they interact with others.

While some people are just naturally better communicators than others, there are certain personality traits that effective communicators often share, such as:


For those nurses who truly love working with people and putting the needs of others above their own, it shows! Having compassion, sympathy, and awareness of other people’s feelings can help a nurse to effectively communicate better with those around them, no matter how difficult the situation may be. The very best nurses are those who are able to speak to others in a kind and understanding tone, no matter what’s going on around them.


For most people, being in the hospital or dealing with the injury or illness of a family member is a traumatic and terrifying experience. In order to truly sympathize and understand what your patients or their loved ones are feeling and experiencing, you must be willing to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Doing so gives them the proper support and care that they need.


Let’s face it, nurses have to make some critical, tough decisions, and their jobs can be anything but easy. With so much at stake, no one wants a hesitant or wishy washy nurse in charge who seems completely unsure of herself and her abilities. You want someone kind and caring, but you also need a nurse with a bit of a take charge, can do personality who will step in and communicate with confidence and authority.

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Have you ever found yourself in a difficult mood or situation? Then can’t help but smile after being around someone who exudes sunshine and positivity? While a nurse’s job isn’t always cause for celebration, and being happy all the time isn’t necessarily a job requirement, nor is it even humanly possible or realistic, but those who can maintain a positive, uplifting and cheerful spirit around their patients and loved ones, tend to communicate much more effectively than the grumpy, scowling nurse who doesn’t seem to enjoy their job, much less want to be there.


Nurses experience patients from all different walks of life, including those patients who are seriously ill, injured, and perhaps in a tremendous amount of pain, and aren’t feeling their best.

As a nurse, you don’t always get to pick your patients, and it’s pretty much guaranteed they won’t always be cooperative either. In fact, sometimes patients they can be downright combative and unpleasant. Nurses must be willing to stay patient and calm when communicating instructions to them without losing their cool.

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