The Benefits of Attending an Accredited Nursing Academy

Posted On December 7,2016


Nursing is a discipline that requires a great deal of experience for you to discharge your duties efficiently and not be overwhelmed by the heavy responsibility, erratic schedule, and constant on-the-job surprises. The heavy focus on prior experience can sometimes tempt aspiring nurses to try to go directly into the professional field instead of completing a full course at an accredited nursing academy first. This, however, is a foolhardy choice to make, and it will ultimately end up negatively impacting your career. Here are some reasons why you should definitely finish your course at an accredited nursing academy before taking the plunge into the professional world of nursing:


Team of doctor and nurse hard at work to care for their patients and using technology to analyse their files and results1. Quality Assurance through Accreditation 

An accredited school is one which has been certified as meeting the minimum set of industry standards for the quality of education and training as determined by a set of private and government agencies. Such schools are monitored by the agencies to ensure the students are receiving the highest quality of education possible, which means you will graduate from the school with the best possible knowledge and training available in the field, and bear a stamp of approval from the school or academy in the form of a degree and certificate which prove your professional worth.

2. Up-to-date Curriculum

The field of medicine is constantly finding new and innovative medicines for patients. What might seem like cutting-edge treatment today may very well become obsolete within a few years. As such, you need to ensure that the education you receive is as current as possible. An accredited school works in tandem with government bodies and other schools to make sure the curriculum is kept constantly updated and made to undergo a series of checks and balances in the form of peer reviews and regular visits from officials for the purpose of making quality inspections.

3. Financial Aid

While there are many government organizations which provide scholarships and loans to deserving students, they all have various methods in place to ensure the money being granted to the student is being put to use to further their education. One such stipulation often requires that the school acquire accreditation before it is allowed to receive funds to award to students. Thus, students who attend an accredited school have a better chance of receiving financial aid than students who go to a non-accredited school or find some other means of continuing their studies.

4. Credit Transfer

It is quite possible for a student to make it through a year of studying a specific branch of nursing, only to realize he or she would be better off studying another branch. In such a case, an accredited school will allow you to transfer to another school or another department and have the coursework that you have already completed qualify you to join the other stream at a later point rather than having to begin again from the start. This kind of credit transfer is allowed among accredited schools, because they follow a uniform system of grading, which allows for greater flexibility in terms of transfer between streams.

5. Improved Job Prospects

Naturally, any hospitals looking to hire nurses will go looking in a place which has been given quality assurance by the government itself. Having a degree from an accredited nursing academy will serve as a solid foundation for your career in nursing by relaying your competence to your employers and ensuring that you possess the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your profession. You will also be eligible for the higher paying positions, with bigger hospitals, that typically require a degree from an accredited school.   

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