Should You Pursue a Certification as a Medical Assistant?

Posted On March 17,2022

Even though some states don’t require you to be certified to work as a medical assistant, the reality is if you want to pursue a career in this field, you should consider earning your certification. Certified medical assistants are more marketable than their uncertified peers, and when applying for jobs, your resume will move to the top of the stack if you show formal education. Let’s talk about why that is.

Medical assistant helping an elderly patient walk with a walker.

Employers Prefer Hiring CMAs 

There are many reasons why employers prefer a nationally certified medical assistant. Many employers view certification as a demonstration of a commitment to the profession and an assurance of competency. Although on-the-job training is possible, if you’re certified, there is little you’ll need to learn before taking on a shift. Healthcare facilities need good help, and if you can hit the ground running without extensive training, the team will be very happy to have you.

Certification May Be Required Someday 

While certification may not be required in your state or workplace now, what happens if you move to a different state, or wish to transfer to a different facility that does require certification? Most hospitals require certification for employment. Deciding to become a certified medical assistant is a smart investment in your future and will allow you to work anywhere. It’s possible certification may be required in all healthcare facilities and states someday, as the trend is moving towards mandatory education and certification. 

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Ability to Earn Higher Pay 

The wages you’ll receive as a medical assistant will vary depending on where you live, work, and the experience you have, but according to the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), employers might pay higher wages to medical assistants with certification. Your pay, benefits, job stability, and long-term career opportunities can all be positively impacted by your decision to take the extra step to become a certified medical assistant from the start. 

Increased Job Opportunities 

Listing a certification on your resume will boost your job prospects. Certification helps you stand out from the competition by showing your employer you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform the many versatile job duties expected of a certified medical assistant. Studies suggest that individuals who are certified in their field often receive better promotion opportunities throughout their career. 

Certification Demonstrates Skills and Dedication 

Certification demonstrates to your employer that you have the skills and knowledge needed to safely perform the job. In addition to receiving quality training, taking the extra step to become certified shows potential employers that you take your career as a medical assistant seriously and are fully committed to the profession. Certification highlights a high level of professional competency employers can trust and depend on, especially when deciding between candidates. 

Getting Certified Reflects Quality Training 

Certification reflects the quality of your training, making you a stronger candidate for the job. To sit for your medical assisting certification, you must train at an accredited medical assisting program. These accrediting bodies require your training program to adhere to professional standards based on the demands of the job. This means you are guaranteed classes and labs that will provide you with a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology needed to successfully perform your job duties. You’ll also receive hands-on instructions on how to safely administer injections, draw blood, perform EKGs and much more. You’ll have the proper blend of skills and knowledge to confidently help your patients and assist other healthcare professionals to the best of your abilities. 

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Ready to Get Started? 

While a national certification may not be required, it’s a smart way to further your career and will definitely open more doors to exciting new career opportunities. To be eligible to take the CMA exam, you must attend an accredited medical assisting program. Athena Career Academy has the tools you need for success. We offer flexible class options, financial aid, and programs designed to help you succeed in your new career. For more information about how to enroll or to schedule a campus tour, contact us today!