Secure a Stable Career When You Enroll in an LPN to RN Program

Posted On June 5,2017


Sometimes it may feel as though you’re in a dead end job and going nowhere slowly. Do you want more from life? To secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones, you may want to further your education.

Your Future Could be in Nursing

There are many reasons why people all over the country are taking up nursing. From a practical standpoint, there’s an abundance of jobs available for LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) and the remuneration is very attractive.

While money is important, there’s more to be gained from a rewarding a career. You want job satisfaction and a feeling of worth. You also want to know that you are able to advance in your career and develop your skills.

To become an LPN, you’ll need to complete a professional training course. The course is usually 12 months full-time or 18 months evening classes. In order to qualify for the LPN course, you’ll need a high school diploma. After completion of the course, you’ll need to obtain a state license before you can start working professionally.

As an LPN you will work under the supervision of a medical doctor or RN (Registered Nurse), taking care of the basic needs of medical patients. This is a gratifying job for someone who is outgoing and enjoys engaging with people. Nurses find great pleasure in the role that they play as medical professionals, but in time many will want to progress in the medical field to do more important jobs.

Advancing Your Career

As much as practical nursing is a good stable job with outstanding benefits, you may well feel the need for greater challenges and opportunities. A time may well come when it’s time to make the move from LPN to RN and move up the ladder of success in the medical field.

An RN is not only responsible for providing and coordinating patient care, but also plays a vital role in educating patients and the general public about various health conditions. As an RN you will be required to offer emotional support to patients and their families. With increased responsibility, comes a greater financial reward and RNs earn over $30 per hour on average.

To become an RN, you need to be a licensed nurse and then enroll in an LPN to RN program. The course will last about 52 weeks.

What Challenges Will You Face When Enrolling in an LPN to RN Program?

There are two main challenges when getting an education – time and money. Finding the time to further your education takes will and dedication. You will have to commit yourself to a year of study. This is a serious commitment, but the long-term rewards make it worth the effort.

Funding your LPN to RN education may be a big factor that holds some people back. To help, there are a number of financial aid programs available, which include:

Most training institutions will help students in applying for financial aid.

High Job Prospects

A career in nursing offers great opportunities all around the US and internationally. You’ll have a rewarding job that gives you the respect that you deserve. Along with this, the job offers amazing financial benefits and job security.

There’s a lot of room for development and progress, with a choice of many options in the public and private sector. To find out more about the LPN to RN program, take a look at the Athena Career Academy website.

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