Preschool Teachers Share the Best Things About Their Career

Posted On February 2,2022

Teaching is an incredible career, so much so that many teachers believe it’s a calling rather than a job. There are few professions more rewarding than working with young children. The silly stories they tell, the funny faces they make, and all the laughter and creativity make this career experience a special one, and unlike any other.Young preschool student getting ready to paint.   

Each Day Brings Something New 

One of the best aspects of working with kids is you never know what to expect. There is nothing mundane about teaching preschool. Preschool teachers get to experience the joy of discovery firsthand, as each day brings something new. Every day in the classroom is an opportunity for students to accomplish unexpected milestones and goals. 

Working with Children is Fun 

Life as a preschool teacher is rarely boring. Young children provide plenty of laughs, and who couldn’t use more laughter in their workday? When it comes to co-workers, it doesn’t get much better than a classroom full of funny, joyful children who can’t wait to see you every day. If sitting at a desk doesn’t excite you, then becoming a preschool teacher might be the perfect fit as you’ll get to move around the classroom freely, as you create, play, and sing with your students. 

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Creativity is Encouraged 

Many professions leave little room for creativity, but in the teaching profession, creativity is practically part of the job description. Teaching is an excellent career choice for creative personalities because preschool teachers need to create lesson plans and activities that engage, motivate, and inspire their students to want to participate and learn. 

Building Lifelong Relationships with Colleagues 

For many preschool teachers, one of the unexpected bonuses of their job is the close and long-lasting friendships they make with their colleagues. Preschool teachers share a special bond, and enjoy being able to plan, collaborate, and share ideas with each other. Building lasting relationships with colleagues can make your teaching career even more rewarding and enjoyable. 

You’re Always Learning 

As a preschool teacher, it’s not only your students who enjoy learning, but you as well. Successful preschool teachers love the learning process, and as far as they’re concerned, the process never stops. Teachers enjoy researching, planning, and organizing new and improved ways of doing things. They also love a challenge, such as helping children understand a new concept, even if it means they must learn or adjust the way they teach to help a child understand it. Teachers love learning from their students as much as they love teaching them. 

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Making a Difference 

At the heart of every preschool teacher is the desire to pass on knowledge to help the next generation make the world a better place. Preschool is the first step in a long educational journey and can instill a lifelong love of learning in a child’s life. Teachers who go the distance may get to experience a former student walk across a stage to accept a diploma, knowing they played a small role in helping them get there. 

Interested in Becoming a Preschool Teacher? 

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