Practical Nursing School Tuition Costs in Ohio & Michigan

Posted On March 15,2016

Students interested in attending school to earn their Practical Nursing degree have many schools to choose from. In Ohio and Michigan alone there are dozens of community colleges and four year schools that offer nursing programs. However, there are some big differences between practical nursing school tuition rates from one state to the other, and enrollment in Michigan schools is notoriously more competitive than schools in Ohio. 

Tuition and Fees

Nursing School Tuition in Ohio and MichiganCurrently, the average cost of an LPN program in Ohio is between $21,000 and $24,000 based on side by side comparisons of schools on and Depending on which school you choose, your tuition should cover all of your books, materials and at least
 one attempt at your state board testing. Most four year schools do not roll books and materials into their advertised tuition rates, so you can expect to spend more at those institutions purchasing books from outside vendors. 

By comparison, practical nursing school tuition rates in Michigan tend to be a little bit higher than Ohio. On average, nursing schools in Michigan charge between $23,000 to $28,000 for LPNs. Again, traditional four year colleges tend to charge more, sometimes upwards of $500 per credit hour. In addition, many of these schools divide your nursing degree into upper and lower divisions, so your first few courses will be at a lower tuition rate, and then at the halfway point of your program your tuition rate will suddenly go up for each course you take. 

Applying to Schools

One major cost factor that impacts how much your LPN will cost is the amount of money you spend on applying to schools. Due to the relatively high pay for LPNs in Michigan, there has been an influx of students trying to enroll in nursing programs in the state. This has resulted in many schools filling up months in advance and not being able to accept all of the qualified candidates that have applied. Students are spending more time and money filling out applications and paying application fees than they otherwise would be in other states. Fortunately, in Ohio this has not been the case. While Ohio nurses make slightly less per year than nurses in Michigan, the schools have also remained more affordable and have virtually no wait lists to register for classes. This means you can start your degree program sooner rather than later, and you won’t have to waste time filling out applications for schools you don’t want to attend. 

Overall, your practical nursing school tuition will be determined by the type of school you choose to attend and the location of the school. If you want to save money and time, get ahead by choosing a school in Ohio first, which will get you started on your career path. Later, once you have finished your degree program and earned your LPN you will have the flexibility to take jobs in higher paying markets such as Michigan without having spent nearly as much on schooling. 

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