Opportunities for Early Childhood Educators

Posted On October 30,2020

If you’re considering a degree in early childhood education (ECE) but are wondering what your career options are in addition to teaching, it may surprise you to learn that there is an impressive array of opportunities to explore. While earning a degree in early childhood education is commonly associated with pursuing a profession as a teacher, it’s definitely not the only option to choose from.

So, what can you do with an early childhood education degree?


Preschool Teacher

Many ECE grads consider the role of preschool teachers to be a natural career path if they’re interested in teaching. Preschool teachers are tasked with the very important job of helping children develop the skills they need to be ready for school, while also providing a safe and nurturing environment.

There are many places you can find employment as a preschool teacher, such as Head Start or similar programs, child care centers, and public or private schools, just to name a few.

Preschool teachers plan lessons and activities with the goal of teaching young children basic motor, social, and language skills. They also help children acclimate to routines and schedules while providing a safe place for them to grow and learn.

As with any teaching job, working with preschoolers is rewarding and challenging at times as it requires a certain amount of physical stamina to work with young, active children.

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Childcare Center Director

A childcare center director is responsible for the day to day operations of a preschool or child care center type of facility. These experienced early childhood educators have a lot of responsibilities, such as training and supervising staff members, setting objectives and standards for their organization, and maintaining strong, positive relationships with parents. They also deal with many business related administrative tasks such as record keeping, hiring and evaluation of staff, and budgeting.

Teacher Assistant

Becoming a teacher assistant is a popular option for many ECE’s who still wish to work in a school setting, but not necessarily teach an entire classroom of students. A teacher’s assistant works alongside a licensed teacher by providing instruction and aide during the learning process. They may also assist the teacher with administrative duties such as grading papers, recording attendance, or supervising students during recess or lunch.Get on the Fast track to a rewarding teaching career in early Childhood Education

Curriculum Designer

Another excellent career option for someone with an ECE degree is to become a curriculum designer. Curriculum designers work with teachers, principals, organizations, and private clients to create and implement educational programs and instructional materials.


Some students need some extra help or support, and that’s where a tutor comes in. Many organizations, such as Head Start, have opportunities for in-home tutors to visit homes and help children with the developmental skills they will need for Kindergarten.

Home-Based Childcare Provider

For some individuals, the idea of starting a business and working from home is an appealing option, especially if they have young children of their own to care for. Opening a home-based childcare center is ideal for the ECE grad with an entrepreneurial spirit who likes the idea of being their own boss and setting their own hours and conditions.

As a home-based provider, you’ll plan daily schedules of age appropriate activities and lessons, as well as prepare and supervise healthy meals. Just like a preschool teacher, you’ll be responsible for keeping parents informed with the developmental progress of their child.

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