Nursing Careers in Toledo Ohio That Are Rewarding

Nursing is a career that is almost always in demand. Not everybody has what it takes to be a good nurse, but if you care about people, if you want to administer the very best care possible, this profession is the one for you. Nurses take care of sick and injured patients. It is their job to make sure the patient is well taken care of to the best of their ability.

The nurse must be comfortable juggling several balls in the air. The medical field is demanding, and an effective nurse must be able to think quickly on their feet and make decisions based on a solid foundation of knowledge of the medical field and experience. The LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse provides the most basic care for the patient. They are responsible for keeping a check on vital signs, bathing and feeding the patient, dressing wounds, changing catheters, and other tasks.

In contrast, the Registered Nurse or RN is responsible for more. Generally, the LPN will work under the direction of an RN or a physician. RN’s are responsible for a higher level of patient care. Both types of nurses are very important in the medical field, but these nurses have different responsibilities in the care and treatment of the patient.


Attending a Toledo Nursing School is the first step in a successful career in the nursing field. The quality of program that you attend is important. Nurses perform important functions every day in their jobs; the nurse can literally make the difference between life and death for a patient. It is critical that you attend a school that is going to thoroughly challenge and prepare you for this rewarding career. If you want to get a certificate as a LPN, it will generally take you a year. An associate degree as a RN can be completed within 2-3 years. Those that desire to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree will need to complete 4 years in college.

While in school, you will study a variety of subjects, but science will be the most critical of all subjects. A Toledo Nursing School will prepare you in the areas of biology, human anatomy, and many other scientific courses. Specific training in medication, medication reactions, IV’s, injections, enemas, specimen collections, and many other tasks are essential to your success as a nurse. A Toledo Nursing School will prepare you to be excellent in all of these areas of patient care.

As a nurse training is very important, but you must also possess some other qualities that are important. The successful nurse will have excellent critical thinking skills, be detail-oriented, have great organizational skills, have a lot of compassion, and be able to withstand long hours and physical exertion.

Job Outlook and Salary

The job growth for the nursing field is good. In the next 10 years, there will be a growing number of elderly patients that will require medical care. These Baby Boomers will increase the need for qualified nursing staff. LPN’s make approximately $35,000-$40,000 on average. Of course salary will depend upon geographic location and the facility that the person is employed by in the field. Registered Nurses earn a median salary of $50,000 in most areas, and some earn $70,000 or more. The shortage of nurses in some areas allow for many nurses to work overtime which results in higher salaries.