Nursing and the Non-Traditional Student

Posted On September 18,2015

Nursing: the Perfect Career for Non-Traditional Students

You’ve spent the first part of your adult life working hard. Getting a degree after high school just wasn’t in the cards for your life.  Maybe you took a few classes after graduating, but never had the chance to finish. Life happened, and you had to be responsible to meet those demands. Or, maybe you just didn’t know what you wanted to do right after high school. After a period of time, it just seemed too late to go back to school.

Now, you’ve come to a point in your life where you want to chase those dreams that got put on hold many years ago. As a non-traditional student exploring your new career options, you can find some reassurance knowing that you’re not alone. According some recent repots, around 70 percent of all college students are considered non-traditional. That means that the vast majority of students are waiting until AFTER they turn 21 to begin taking college or vocational training classes. Nearly half a million of these students are 30 or older. This is good news for you if you’re deciding to go back to school.

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As a non-traditional student, there’s no better occupation to pursue than a career in nursing. If you’re thinking about making a career change, consider this:

  • Nurse6.jpgMany nursing programs allow students to take classes at night while working full-time jobs during the day. This allows students to continue living their lives, taking care of their families, and honoring other life commitments.
  • Nurses are as diverse and the patients they treat every day. Nursing offers a practical career choice for those looking to make an occupational change, no matter how experienced and seasoned. Mothers returning to the workforce after raising kids often find nursing to be a natural transition from the care they provided their growing families. Many women and men often opt for a nursing degree as a stepping-stone toward other medical field careers.
  • Many employers find great value in hiring an older generation of nurses. Non-traditional nursing students typically bring with them many years of real life, professional working experience gained from other jobs and raising a family. Older nurses often have more experience with problem solving, dealing with difficult patients and their family members, and can usually maintain self-control in high tense emergency situations. Their years of experience can often provide older nurses with a greater degree of empathy, compassion, and patience in a field that requires those traits for success.
  • The challenges associated with nursing often provide older caregivers with a sense of purpose, refreshed energy, and daily drive needed to keep them going day after day. This is especially important because the average American can now expect to retire at age 66. Make the most of your working years by jumping into a field like nursing that can fulfill your financial, emotional, social, and physical needs

If you’re considering going back to school, but fear that the demands of a fast-paced career in a field like nursing would be too demanding for non-traditional students like yourself, think again. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our admissions counselors at Athena Career Academy today to learn more about nursing and how you can get starting on the exciting path of a new career in the medical field. Our fully trained and certified teachers will be with you every step of the way to prepare you for the career of your dreams. Call 419-329-4075 today.

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