Medical Assisting is One of the Most In-Demand Jobs in Healthcare

Posted On January 27,2022

Interested in a career in the healthcare industry? You aren’t alone! There’s a reason why so many people are interested in the medical field. A job in healthcare offers lucrative pay, job security, and it’s a rewarding experience. There are a variety of ways to break into the healthcare industry, and some of them don’t include several years of schooling. 

Medical assistants (MAs) play a vital role in healthcare facilities. Helping both physicians and patients, they’re cross-trained to perform a wide array of clinical and administrative duties. The best part about becoming a medical assistant is it’s a much quicker path than pursuing a nursing or specialized medical degree.Medical assistant working in a medical clinic holding a pen and clipboard.

Flexible and Affordable Training

Unlike other careers in the healthcare industry that can take many years of schooling to complete, the path to becoming a medical assistant is much quicker. Training to become an MA can be completed in one year or less, which is ideal for those who lack the financial resources to commit to several years of higher education or are looking to jumpstart their new career quickly. 

MA programs welcome students from all backgrounds, making it a popular career choice for anyone seeking flexible and affordable training. Many programs out there offer day and evening classes to accommodate working students or people with families. 

Job Demand is High 

Medical assisting is a rapidly growing career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that positions in this field will increase 19 percent between 2019 and 2029, adding 139,200 jobs nationwide. Healthcare demands are higher than usual, especially given the current situation, so qualified support staff is critical. Now is the perfect time to begin a successful career in the healthcare industry.  

Good Wages and Benefits 

Along with being highly in demand, the pay and benefits for MAs are impressive. For a career that doesn’t take several years of schooling to achieve, the salary and benefits of an MA are better than average. In addition to earning a decent salary, many medical assistants receive health benefits, including eye care and dental coverage. 

Family Friendly Work Schedule 

For many healthcare professionals, schedules are anything but family friendly as they might be required to work rotating shifts and holidays. Fortunately, medical assisting can be very family friendly when it comes to providing a standard, 40-hour work week schedule. Medical assisting is the perfect fit for those seeking a predictable, dependable work schedule. 

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Diverse Job Training 

Another benefit to becoming a medical assistant is you’ll receive a broader education and training than other health allied professionals. MAs are cross-trained to perform a variety of administrative and clinical skills. This level of training guarantees you’ll never get bored, as you’re able to perform a diverse skill set daily. This is a fast-paced, exciting career, perfect for people who enjoy working in a busy atmosphere. 

Endless Career Opportunities 

The medical assistant career path is paved with possibilities as they’re capable of performing so many versatile tasks that are critical to running a clinic and a medical office. MA’s have plenty of career opportunities to pursue, whether it’s specializing in a particular area of medicine, continuing their education to become a nurse, or transitioning into administrative management. 

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