Medical Assistants Play a Key Role in Value-Based Care

Posted On May 14,2021

Medical assistants (MA) play an important role when it comes to the continuum of care and value-based healthcare. There’s a lot more that goes into their job besides just handing tools to the doctor. Medical assistants live to provide outstanding patient care. They are the backbone of any well-functioning physician’s office and given their importance, perhaps it’s time to start re-thinking the role of a medical assistant.

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Unlike other healthcare professionals, medical assistants are unique because of their diverse training. MAs receive training to perform a wide variety of both administrative and clinical duties. The role of an MA is considered essential when it comes to providing excellent patient care, as they have direct contact with patients and have the ability to greatly affect the patient experience. Here are just some of the many duties you’ll provide during your medical assistant career: 

Managing the Reception Area

Medical assistants often help patients form a first impression by managing the reception area. A clean, well-organized reception area makes patients feel more at ease and provides a sense of confidence in their choice of provider. 

Scheduling Appointments 

MA’s help busy doctors stay on task by guiding patients through a standard scheduling process, streamlining necessary paperwork and documentation, and managing practice resources so physicians can make the most of their time. Helping to maintain a standard schedule allows doctors to see more patients, reduces time spent in the waiting room, and improves productivity. 

Telephone Triage 

When patients call to ask questions or report symptoms, the medical assistant has an important role of directing the patient to the appropriate provider.  

Greeting Patients 

Medical assistants are often the first point of contact for patients, so it’s extremely crucial that they represent the medical facility well by being knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. 

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Medical Billing Assistance 

Medical assistants help bridge the gap between the administrative and clinical side of the business by informing the back office when supplies were used, or procedures were performed. 

Rooming Patients 

Another primary role you’ll take on after becoming a medical assistant is maintaining examination rooms and preparing patients for their visit with the provider. Maintaining a sanitary, fully stocked exam room helps streamline the process and ensures the physician can provide the necessary care efficiently. 

Taking Vital Signs 

Taking patient vital signs is an important aspect of your medical assistant career. You’ll be checking for any signs of irregularities before the patient meets with the doctor. This is a valuable screening tool as any major changes in a patient’s vitals can indicate medical issues. 

Medical Records Management 

Keeping detailed medical records is standard when it comes to providing quality care. As an MA you’ll verify patient info, insurance information, allergy info, and more. 

Obtaining Lab Specimens 

Another role of an MA is to obtain lab specimens, including blood and urine, as well as providing the patient with instructions on the collection process. 

Assisting with Tests and Procedures 

Many MA’s provide assistance with procedures and tests, such as electrocardiography (EKG’s). 

Maintaining Equipment 

Another important role as an MA is to maintain equipment by making sure it’s properly sanitized. 

Patient Education 

One of the most important roles of an MA is to provide clear and concise patient education for managing their conditions. 

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Medical assistants are essential members of any healthcare team, and with the right training, they are unstoppable forces to be reckoned with. If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant and wish to get started in your new medical assistant career quickly, contact Athena Career Academy today. 

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