Medical Assistants Find Jobs in Surprising Places

Posted On June 18,2021

The duties of a medical assistant are varied, and there are positions for medical assistants in nearly every healthcare facility. While finding a job as a medical assistant may lead you to a physician’s office, it can also lead you to a lab, a rehabilitation center, an insurance company, or a research facility.Medical assistant holding a stethoscope

What are the Duties of a Medical Assistant?

The duties of a medical assistant are important and varied. Medical assistants are vital to the healthcare industry and help the medical and administrative staff perform a variety of duties. Medical assistants will help prepare treatment rooms, administer medication, check vital signs, take patient histories, give discharge instructions, process insurance claims, and more. Medical assistants are often the first to communicate with each patient and are an important liaison between the patient and the rest of the healthcare team.

Where are Some Places Medical Assistants Can Find Jobs?

The demand for medical assistants is high, as medical assistants work in many different sectors of the healthcare industry. The skills a medical assistant has are versatile and can transfer well to different locations. With so much variety in location and demand for the profession, medical assistants can find the right place to fit in.

  • Physician Offices and Clinics

Nearly half of medical assistants will work at a physician’s office or medical clinic, which can include many specialties like pediatrics and OB-GYN. Medical assistants working in physician offices and clinics will usually have both clinical and administrative tasks, and will have the advantage of getting to know their patients.

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  • Hospitals

Since hospitals are open 24/7, medical assistants who work in hospitals may find themselves keeping a more varied work schedule than medical assistants working in offices. Hospitals usually offer competitive pay and look for workers who can perform the varied duties of a medical assistant in fast-paced and high-pressure situations.

  • Outpatient Care Centers

Outpatient care centers, which include surgical centers, can be a balance between the routine of a physician’s office and the high-pressure atmosphere of a hospital. Medical assistants will typically have clinical and administrative duties.

  • Medical Research Centers

Medical research centers often conduct clinical trials and will employ medical assistants. In a research center, a medical assistant may collect samples, prepare samples for testing, and document data. Medical assistants in research centers will have the advantage of working alongside scientists and often find the research aspect of the job very interesting.

  • Laboratories

Medical assistants who get an additional certification in phlebotomy may find a good position working in a lab and assisting with taking samples. 

  • Retirement Facilities and Nursing Homes

With the aging population, retirement facilities and nursing homes are looking for quality medical assistants to meet their needs. Medical assistants can help with administering medication, taking vitals, and giving injections. Medical assistants often help the staff physicians with their caseload, but more often they are helping elderly patients manage their own care.

  • Psychiatric Facilities

Psychiatric and behavioral health facilities can be private practices, residential facilities, or clinics attached to a hospital or healthcare center. Medical assistant duties in these facilities are usually a balance between administrative and clinical.

  • Home Healthcare

Home healthcare offers flexibility in schedule and environment. Some patients may opt to stay in their homes rather than moving to a nursing home or retirement facility, or they may be choosing to do post-surgical rehabilitation at home, and medical assistants can provide the same services in the patients’ homes, which involves checking vitals, monitoring medication, and helping with mobility.

  • Insurance Companies

The duties of a medical assistant are more administrative when working with an insurance company. Medical assistants will help in organizing hospital admissions, labs, and insurance claims. Understanding medical terminology makes medical assistants a valuable resource.

While many different locations in the healthcare industry are obvious places to find employment as a medical assistant, there are other surprising places to look at as well! Military clinics, colleges and universities, and prisons all have a need for medical assistants in their on-site facilities.

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With such a variety of locations and opportunities for work as a medical assistant, finding a position is rarely a concern. Medical assistants are often able to find the right place and find satisfaction in their work. Contact Athena Career Academy today to learn more about our no-wait enrollment opportunities for our accredited programs.